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First Look: Progress Releases Progress Health Cloud Built on a HIPAA-Compliant Platform

Progress, a leading provider of application development and deployment technologies, recently announced the availability of Progress Health Cloud, the first and only enterprise health cloud that fully integrates industry leading frontend, backend and data connectivity technologies into a serverless and HIPAA-compliant platform for quickly creating apps to drive patient engagement and better healthcare outcomes.

Today, the healthcare industry rates among the lowest of all industries in customer experience scores, according to the Temkin Group.

With the advancements in digital business, healthcare providers, insurance payers, pharmaceutical companies and medical device companies need to act like other consumer-facing businesses, delivering high quality, engaging digital experiences that will improve patient care and drive better healthcare outcomes.

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Highmark Partners With mobileStorm to Implement New Mobile Messaging Initiative

It was announced today that Highmark — a Pittsburgh-based independent licensee of the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association — has partnered with mobileStorm to power a new mobile messaging initiative to reach members, employees, group customers and the community at large on their mobile devices.

Highmark is currently implementing mobile campaigns to influence healthy behaviors for members as well as its own employee base, while also evaluating opportunities to use additional SMS initiatives to reach group customers and the general community.  Highmark is leveraging mobileStorm for Healthcare, the company’s multi-channel healthcare messaging system that enables both healthcare payers and providers to launch powerful one-to-many campaigns with a virtually limitless number of members.

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Polyglot Partners with CellepathicRx for Medication Adherence

It’s been announced that Polyglot Systems, who provides award-winning “Meducation” content to hard-to-reach patients through mobile web, apps and e-mail technology, has partnered with CellepathicRx to deliver its medication adherence solution through the latter’s mHealth platform.

Polyglot specializes in providing medication adherence solutions aimed at patients who have low health literacy or difficulty understanding English.  Through its Meducation content, patients and healthcare providers can access medication instructions that are written at a 5th to 6th grade reading level in any of over twelve languages, including English, Spanish, Chinese (simplified and traditional), Korean, Haitian Creole, Italian, French, Arabic, Russian, Bengali, Polish and others.  Instructions can also be printed in large fonts for those with impaired vision.  The solution even lets patients access online videos demonstrating proper medication use for medications that are especially hard to use and understand.

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Diversinet Reaches New Security Milestone With its “MobiSecure” mHealth Platform

Diversinet, a provider of secure solutions for the mHealth industry, announced a new milestone in its quest to provide the highest level of security for transmitting sensitive healthcare information.

The company’s new milestone relates to an extensive security validation process for the “cryptographic modules” used by its platform.  The company’s use of cryptographic algorithms was already successfully validated by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) in the United States.  Now, the Java cryptographic modules used in MobiSecure have been formally placed on a list for the Federal Information Processing Standards Publication (FIPS) 140-2, Security Requirements for Cryptographic Modules, which specifies the requirements used to protect sensitive information.

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JCAHO Issues Ban on Physician Texting, Signifies Importance of Secure Mobile Communication Outside SMS

The Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO) recently issued a so-called “ban” on physician texting, saying it’s “not acceptable” for medical professionals to communicate patient information via SMS.

In dealing with sensitive medical information, physicians risk violating HIPAA regulations and other security standards by communicating with patients over SMS.  Such violations can be costly and can lead to other repercussions for both the physician and the healthcare organization(s) they represent.  The JCAHO recognized this risk and used it as the basis for its ban on physician texting.  While many in the industry are seeing this as a warning sign to stop mobile communication altogether, it’s actually a step in the right direction to push physicians and healthcare organizations to begin leveraging new-age, fully secure forms of mobile communication.

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HealthTap Brings Free Access to Over 5,000 Physicians Via Your Smartphone

Telemedicine solutions via smartphones and tablets are one aspect of mobile healthcare that’s seeing higher than normal adoption when compared to other concepts — likely because the devices, apps and connectivity that power telemedicine are already readily available.

We’ve recently covered the fact that Apple’s FaceTime can become HIPAA-compliant, and there’s several other mobile telehealth solutions in the pipeline from startups and healthcare organizations alike, but the area that’s ripe for adoption and success with consumers is basic telehealth services — the kind where a consumer can whip out their smartphone, fire up an app, ask a simple health-related question and receive an answer back.  While fully compliant, formal telehealth solutions are obviously relevant, keeping things simple is what consumers want.

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Diversinet Appoints Two Military Healthcare IT Experts to its Advisory Board

Diversinet, a provider of secure mobile communication solutions for the healthcare industry, announced the appointment of two experts in healthcare technology issues and applications related to the United States Department of Defense (DoD) to its advisory board.

The first of which is Dr. Hon Pak, previous President of the American Telemedicine Association and recently retired Chief Information Officer of the U.S. Army Medical Department, Office of the Surgeon General.  The second appointment is Frederick J. Hannett, a Washington-based consultant and healthcare IT thought leader with longstanding ties to the DoD, as well as founder and Managing Principal of The Capitol Alliance.

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