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80% of mHealth Apps Vulnerable to HIPAA Violations and More

80 Percent of mHealth Apps Vulnerable to HIPAA Violations and MoreAn alarming new report highlighted this week by Healthcare IT News reveals that 84 percent of U.S. FDA-approved health apps (those tested by IT security vendor Arxan Technologies) have not returned favorable results.

All told, this group “did not adequately address at least two of the Open Web Application Security Project top 10 risks.”

Most health apps are susceptible to code tampering and reverse-engineering, two of the most common hacking techniques, the report found. Ninety-five percent of the FDA-approved apps lack binary protection and have insufficient transport layer protection, leaving them open to hacks that could result in privacy violations, theft of personal health information, as well as device tampering and patient safety issues.

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mHIMSS: 5 FAQs on SMS Text Messaging Implementation in Healthcare

With a lot of ambiguity surrounding how SMS can be properly implemented in healthcare messaging, the folks at mHIMSS have produced an excellent quick-reference guide that covers five frequently asked questions regarding the use of SMS in healthcare.

Covering everything from the technology needed to deploy SMS, to the many regulatory standards associated with SMS and the use of Short Codes, and even including “Personal Health Information (PHI)” within text messages, the doc provides an excellent reference point to those seeking more information on SMS in healthcare.

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