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Telehealth Partnership for COPD Remote Patient Monitoring

Telehealth Partnership for COPD Remote Patient MonitoringOn Thursday, mHealthWatch caught up with the folks at Nonin Medical, inventor of finger pulse oximetry and a leader in noninvasive medical monitoring.

The organization tells us that it has just partnered with IDEAL Life, a Toronto-based leader in remote health management solutions.

Based on the details of the partnership revealed, IDEAL Life will integrate the Nonin Model 3230 Bluetooth Smart wireless finger pulse oximeter into its latest telehealth platform.
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Sprint Joins Verizon, Qualcomm to Power Remote Patient Monitoring with IDEAL LIFE

It’s been announced that Sprint is joining the ranks of Verizon, Qualcomm and others by introducing a new gateway/hub solution to facilitate remote patient monitoring.

For its launch, Sprint is teaming with home monitoring company IDEAL LIFE, who will provide a series of at-home remote monitors for blood pressure, weight, glucose readings, mobility and other vitals.  The integrated gateway device will collect data from the monitors wirelessly and aggregate it to the IDEAL LIFE’s cloud-based platform, where it can be accessed by caregivers and physicians.  The combined system also sends alerts to caregivers, physicians and others when readings are out of normal range.

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Sensei Partners with IDEAL LIFE for Wireless Device Monitoring & Feedback Solutions

It was announced today that Sensei, Inc. — a provider of wireless health and wellness solutions — has partnered with IDEAL LIFE — maker of mobile medical devices and other wireless health solutions — to offer wireless device monitoring and feedback through Sensei’s cloud-based mHealth platform, Sensei Connect, in addition to a suite of mobile health applications.

Integrated mHealth solutions stemming from the new partnership include things like integrated biometric devices such as blood glucose meters, blood pressure meters, scales, and pedometers, with all data being wirelessly and securely transmitted to IDEAL LIFE and pushed to Sensei’s secure platform.  From there it’s transmitted to the individual’s mobile phone, allowing real time tracking and feedback.  The result is seamless data tracking and provision of immediate feedback, education and guidance to “promote engagement, understanding and better health outcomes,” according to the companies.

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