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Glooko Gets Props for Latest Integration

Glooko Gets Props for Latest Integration   wearables Strava RunKeeper Moves mHealth Jawbone iHealth Glooko Fitbit Diabetes data Glooko Inc. has just announced the integration of activity, weight, and blood pressure data from leading wearable activity and biometric monitors such as Fitbit, iHealth, Jawbone, Moves, RunKeeper, Strava, and Withings,  into its mobile, software service diabetes remote monitoring and population management platform.

Data can be “correlated and visualized against the verified blood glucose readings that Glooko currently liberates from more than 30 popular blood glucose meters using its MeterSync Blue technology.”

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iHealth Confirms ‘Expansive Integration’ with Apple’s HealthKit

iHealth Confirms Expansive Integration with Apples HealthKit   mHealth iOS 8 iHealth HealthKit apps apple Despite the fact that Apple’s HealthKit has only been available for a matter of days, scores of leading developers, healthcare companies, and mHealth innovators are already integrating with Apple’s mobile health platform.

Just this week, iHealth Lab announced that three of their mobile health apps (My Vitals, My Vitals 2.0 and SpO2) and nine corresponding personal mobile health devices are now integrated with HealthKit in iOS 8.

“With user permission,” the company says, “customers have the power to automatically share readings from their iHealth devices with the new Health app giving them a central dashboard to review their most important health data, and make that data available to others including doctors and health providers.”

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iHealth Launches Wireless Smart-Gluco Monitoring System

iHealth Launches Wireless Smart Gluco Monitoring System   Smart Gluco Monitoring System mobile health iHealth health tech health news FDA This week, iHealth Lab Inc. launched its FDA-approved Wireless Smart Gluco-Monitoring System.

As we understand it, the new iHealth device is the market’s first portable Bluetooth-enabled blood glucose monitor.

According to the American Diabetes Association (ADA), which observes American Diabetes Month in November, there are 26 million diabetics in the U.S. today. Of those over 20 years of age, two-thirds have hypertension or report taking medication to lower blood pressure.
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iHealth Lab Debuts First-Ever mHealth iAd Mobile Advertising Campaign

iHealth Lab Debuts First Ever mHealth iAd Mobile Advertising Campaign   mobile healthcare mobile health mobile advertising campaign mobile advertising mhealth advertising mHealth iHealth Lab iHealth iAd Apple iAd apple iHealth Lab, a provider of personal mobile healthcare products tailored for iOS devices, has announced the debut of its new iAd mobile advertising campaign with the aim of reminding us how “lifestyle choices can affect health, especially during the stressful demands of the holidays.”

The new mobile campaign marks the first-ever iAd from a health device company and was a perfect fit since iHealth targets all its products to iOS devices — including the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.  The new iAd will educate consumers on how 18 different lifestyle choices can affect blood pressure, and consumers can learn more about how factors like smoking, alcohol, salt and caffeine intake, shopping, personal relationships, and other choices affect blood pressure as well.

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