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Infographic: Are You Ready for Sensors in Healthcare?

Infographic Are You Ready for Sensors in HealthcareFrom wearables to ingestibles, mobile health devices and sensors have become so intricate and advanced that some healthcare industry professionals are beginning to ask a critically important question: Are patients ready for a flood of sensors in healthcare?

To help highlight this growing trend, the team at Pathfinder Software has produced a new infographic illustrating just how elaborate and sophisticated sensors have become, all for the purpose of providing more effective and efficient healthcare.

But are you ready for what’s to come? To better anticipate the arrival of healthcare’s next-wave of pint-sized innovation, check out the fascinating visual shared below.

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Walgreens Publishes New Flu Index Infographic

Walgreens Publishes New Flu Index InfographicAlthough flu season is nearing an end, cases of this year’s particularly tough strain of the dreaded virus are on the upswing in several states.

Harnessing the full power of the digital age to spread awareness and hopefully not the virus, Walgreens has just published its latest Flu Index, a weekly report and corresponding infographic developed to provide state- and market-specific information regarding flu activity, and ranking of those experiencing the highest incidences of influenza across the country.

“With the ability to generate hyper-local data that’s as specific as a single zip code, the Index aims to drive consumer awareness and prevention within communities, while also serving as a valuable resource for health departments, media and others at the local level,” a provided statement reads.
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Sleep Genius Infographic Links Healthy Weight with Healthy Sleep

Sleep Genius Infographic Equates Diet Success with Adequate SleepThere are, to be sure, many habits that will help you to be successful when you’re on a diet. Most people however wouldn’t consider sleep, or the lack of sleep, to be one of them.

A new infographic from Sleep Genius — a groundbreaking mobile app helping exhausted brains and bodies get quality rest through the power of cutting edge sleep science — begs to differ.

The visual in question, shared below, reveals that people who don’t get enough sleep will find it harder to lose weight because of a number of problems a lack of sleep causes, including one that’s pretty important; they’ll be hungrier.

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Infographic: Why Halloween May Bring a Mobile Message from Your Dentist

Infographic Why Halloween May Bring a Mobile Message from Your DentistEver notice this time of year that your smartphone tends to buzz with an SMS alert or email message from your friendly neighborhood dentist reminding you that’s it’s been a while since your last check-up? If you’re wondering why, we’ve got two words for you — candy corn.

On Thursday morning, the team at Healthentic published a new infographic about Halloween and dental data.

“For example,” the company says on its official blog, “we looked at data for more than ten million dental plan enrollees.” And what did they find?

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Worried About Ebola? You’re More Likely to Slip and Fall

Worried About Ebola You're More Likely to Slip and FallEveryone is worried about Ebola. The flu. The unexpected and the unprecedented. The next strange disease.

But, you know what?

The most prevalent health accident is the one that’s always been there: the “slip and fall” event.

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Infographic: Understanding Wearable Tech and Preventative Healthcare

Infographic Understanding Wearable Tech and Preventative HealthcareTechnologyAdvice recently conducted a nationwide internet survey to get a feel for the nation’s mood toward wearable tech and its role in preventative healthcare.

Completed in September, the survey participants (all U.S. adults) were questioned about their fitness tracking habits or lack thereof.

The results of the comprehensive survey were compiled in an eye-opening new infographic published last week.
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Infographic: Ray Rice Saga Underscores Domestic Violence Epidemic

Infographic Ray Rice Saga Underscores Domestic Violence EpidemicThis week, disgraced NFL player Ray Rice learned he won’t be getting a second chance with the Baltimore Ravens. And he might not get a second chance anywhere in the NFL.

According to published reports, the Ravens have effectively terminated Rice’s contractual agreement shortly after video emerged of the running back viciously striking his then-fiancée at an Atlantic City hotel earlier this year.

While such violence is always worthy of condemnation, it’s also worthy of studying closely, in hopes of raising awareness about the tragic commonality of domestic violence.

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