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The Cleveland Clinic Welcomes Patients and Visitors with iPad App

The Cleveland Clinic, celebrated for its quality of care, is now drawing praise today as an early adopter of mobile health apps.

Cleveland Clinic Innovations has introduced its tenth app, Today, developed for Apple’s iPad.

The Cleveland Clinic Today App is your daily interactive iPad source for the latest health and wellness tips from the experts at Cleveland Clinic (One of America’s Top 4 Hospitals – U.S. News & World Report 2012-13 Best Hospitals’ Rankings).

Among the attributes and features of the app – which some expect to be closely emulated through the healthcare industry this year and well onto the future – are:

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Android Fans ‘Pumped’ for mHealth App Release

This week, on-demand digital fitness and training solutions provider PumpOne announced the availability of their popular FitnessClass mobile health app for Android.

Since launching on iOS two years ago, FitnessClass for iPad has consistently been one of the top downloaded fitness apps in the iOS ecosystem.

Within the first year of its availability, FitnessClass was recognized as the leading fitness app and was featured in the App Store Rewind 2011–a year in review of top iPad apps across twenty categories.

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U.S. Navy Sailing Toward mHealth to Battle Post Traumatic Stress

As a potentially effective method for helping members of the U.S. Navy deal with post-traumatic stress, a new iPad app is in development from the U.S. Office of Naval Research (ONR).

The Stress Resilience Training System App, co-funded by the Office of Naval Research and Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, is said to provide Sailors and Marines “with information about stress and resilience and how to apply this knowledge to their missions.”

Without question, the military takes seriously the dangers of PTSD on soldiers. 21 percent of military personnel returning from overseas contingency operations (OCO) in Afghanistan and Iraq suffer from PTSD.

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M*Modal Working Toward Speech-Enabled mHealth Tech Advancements

M*Modal and Intermountain Healthcare have deemed themselves collaborators on the industry’s first speech-enabled computerized physician order entry (CPOE) app for Apple’s iPhone and iPad.

This week at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, M*Modal – a provider of clinical documentation and Speech Understanding solutions – confirmed its new agreement with Intermountain Healthcare to jointly develop innovative mobile technologies.

Speech-enabled Computerized Physician Order Entry (CPOE), the company says, will enable physicians and hospital staff to conversationally order patient medication and other medical functions using iOS devices.

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NFL Tackles Concussion Diagnosis with Mobile App for iPad

A mobile application optimized for Apple’s iPad will be used during the 2013-14 NFL season for the purpose of helping teams discover if a player has suffered a concussion on the field.

ESPN reports that the NFL is increasingly concerned with the dangers of improperly treated or misdiagnosed head trauma. As a result of this high-tech effort, the NFL is being praised for using the latest mHealth resources to ensure the wellness of players.

League officials demonstrated how the new system will work at the annual scouting combine Friday in Indianapolis. The move comes after a recommendation from the NFL’s Head, Neck & Spine Committee.

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Why Microsoft’s Surface May Matter to The mHealth Industry

Since it’s market debut in 2010, Apple’s iPad has become a key fixture in the rapidly expanding telehealth industry. Along with a select few Android-powered devices, iOS and the little green robot have largely dominated any roles where tablets have been needed in a contemporary healthcare setting.

But according to a new report from EHR Intelligence, Android and iOS may be getting some company in the mHealth department thanks to Microsoft’s recent launch of the Surface tablet line.

With new offerings like Lync, an enterprise-grade platform similar to consumer-oriented Skype, Microsoft hopes that physicians will turn to the Surface for telehealth initiatives that are just starting to take off around the country.

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Mobile Tech Educating Future Doctors, Healthcare Professionals at UC Irvine

According to an announcement this week from UC Irvine, the iMedEd Initiative – UC Irvine’s medical education program based on iPad tablet computing – has attained a significant mark of distinction. The initiative has been chosen as a 2012-13 Apple Distinguished Program.

The Apple Distinguished Program designation is reserved for programs that integrate Apple technology into education and meet certain criteria.

Through the program, UC Irvine medial students use iPads containing digital copies of all textbooks. The tablets also provide portals through which students can readily access all classroom lectures and other instructional materials.
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