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Walgreens Currently Testing Mobile Scheduling via iTriage Mobile App

Walgreens is continuing its aggressive mHealth push by launching yet another pilot program to allow customers to schedule appointment to its clinics directly from their smartphones.

The pilot program was launched at clinics in Denver and Chicago as a start, and to use the new scheduling service patients must first download the free iTriage app for iPhones and Android devices.  The partnership with iTriage is key, as it signifies how important this app has become in the mHealth space.  In its first three years since launch, for example, iTriage has seen more than 6 million downloads.

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Medivo Expands mHealth Services with WellApps Acquisition

After recently acquiring WellApps, Inc., Medivo, Inc. is making plans to expand its healthcare IT to include mHealth solutions for those living with Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD), Crohn’s Disease, and Ulcerative Colitis. In order to do so, Medivo is integrating the WellApps GI Monitor with its Medivo Monitor platform for patients and its Medivo PatientPath platform for physicians.

The GI Monitor application provides patients with the ability to log their symptoms, diet, and medication compliance. This log enables users to better understand their condition through interactive charts, while compiling accurate reports for physicians to help monitor patient health. Additionally, the application allows IBD patients to socialize with one another on a global scale, creating a real-time social network.

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mHealth Challenge Takes a Crack at US Healthcare Issues

Could mHealth be the solution to the US’s healthcare crisis?

The US Surgeon General Regina Benjamin thinks it might be. For this reason, Benjamin is attempting to reframe the ever-growing US healthcare issue in terms of innovations within the mobile healthcare realm. In order to do so, Benjamin launched a month-long competition on December 6, 2011, encouraging the creation of new mobile apps that promote healthy lifestyle choices.

The Healthy Apps Challenge is aimed at moving healthcare reform from the large-scale spending sphere to the small, yet rapidly spreading mHealth application field. By creating a comparatively inexpensive solution, the challenge aims to circumvent the partisan debate surrounding healthcare programs, such as the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (otherwise referred to as “ObamaCare”).

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New mHealth App Targets Hypertension with “Manageable, Practical Doses”

Remedy Health Media, a leading health information and technology provider, is now employing mHealth strategies with a new mobile application suite.

Remedy Health Media’s first mobile app MyRefill Rx is designed to cater specifically to consumers with high blood pressure. This condition, also known as hypertension, puts patients at risk for health problems such as strokes, heart attacks, and kidney failure.

In order to combat hypertension, Remedy Health Media has created MyRefill Rx, a native app that is free for both patients and providers. Available for Apple iOS, MyRefill Rx is designed specifically for patients with high blood pressure and is the first of its kind due to its integration of education, tools, medication reminders, and mail order pharmacy service into one package.

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Researchers Develop Breakthrough Mobile App That Uses Camera for Vital Sign Monitoring

Researchers from Worcester Polytechnic Institute have developed a new mobile app that represents a pretty impressive breakthrough in mobile monitoring — a solution that doesn’t require any peripheral devices to monitor a variety of vital signs.

Several apps have garnered attention for allowing various levels of mobile monitoring via smartphones, but most are still very basic in nature and require additional devices to take more advanced measurements.  A well-known example is the “Instant Heart Rate” app from Azumio, which recently surpassed 10 million downloads in one year and has received millions of dollars in funding since its inception.

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For App Developers, FDA-Ignorance is Not Bliss

Many of the medical apps that are on the market today are not made by traditional medical device manufacturers. Thus many developers are unfamiliar with the nature of FDA regulation. Furthermore, within the limited group of FDA-aware developers, an even smaller group is knowledgeable in regulatory submission and compliance.

This FDA-unfamiliar group is not limited to the random health and fitness application creators, but may also include many hospitals and the app developers they have contracted with.

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How to Design a Successful mHealth App

Researchers with the US Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality have identified consumer friendliness as the number one factor in determining the success of an app.

In this report, success was measured based on how well an application functioned and how consistently patients and physicians utilized it. Therefore, in order to ensure the success of an mHealth app, the following steps were recommended:

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