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Health Improvement in Diabetes Patients Noted after Downloading mHealth Apps

According to a statement emailed to MHW, new research “Empowering Patients Using Smart Mobile Health Platforms: Evidence from a Randomized Field Experiment,” from NYU Stern Professor Anindya Ghose and co-authors, Beibei Li of Carnegie Mellon University and Xitong Guo of the Harbin Institute of Technology, explores how emerging mobile health (mHealth) technologies can persuade chronic-disease patients to modify their behaviors, better manage their care, and achieve improved health outcomes, including reductions in hospital visits and medical expenses over time.

This first-of-its-kind study combines data from a major mHealth firm in China, as well as the Office of Chronic Disease Management in China to evaluate the potential value of technologies such as mobile health apps and mobile-enabled EHRs as well as the importance of mHealth platform design in achieving better health care outcomes.

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Metavine Unveils New Application Builder

Metavine has just announced the availability of Metavine GO, a no-code point and click application builder for business users.

According to the details shared Tuesday, this solution bridges the gap between the growing ranks of citizen developers and the IT organizations tasked with ensuring corporate security and compliance.

Facing rising demands for digital agility, citizen developers are increasingly using development tools to design their own custom applications, often without oversight from IT. With Metavine GO, citizen developers can create no-code applications quickly, and collaboratively with IT, to meet their critical business needs.

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New Alliance to Lead Development of mHealth App Guidelines

Report Telemedicine Apps Lead Medical App SalesFour organizations announced today they are forming a new, multi-stakeholder collaboration, Xcertia, dedicated to improving the quality, safety, and effectiveness of mobile health applications.

“The initial supporters of the collaboration include the American Heart Association (AHA), the American Medical Association (AMA), DHX Group, and the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS),” reads a provided statement.

As a nonprofit corporation, Xcertia will establish and promote best practices for mobile health apps. Xcertia’s membership and governing board will be open to broad representation from consumers, developers, payers, clinicians, academia and others with an interest in the development of guidelines for mobile health apps.

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Black Book Rolls Out New Healthcare Mobile Survey Apps

Black Book Rolls Out New Healthcare Mobile Survey AppsAhead of the weekend, Black Book Research, a surveyor of tech users, announced the release of mobile survey and polling applications for IOS and Android.

In addition to Black Book’s online web surveys, panel interviews and call center conducted assessments, the firm added recent improvements in the choice of survey digital experiences to shed new light on the demands, preferences and recommendations of the all user levels among healthcare software products and services, a provided statement explains.

We’re told that over 1,400 vendors are included in the survey apps with the option for respondents to write-in a vendor’s name if it does not appear.
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Developers Encouraged to Enhance Healthcare via Digital Apps

Developers Encouraged to Enhance Healthcare via Digital Apps Omron Healthcare, Inc. recently announced the release of the Omron Application Program Interface (API) and invited mobile app developers to participate in open-source collaboration.

With the open API, developers can connect to and interact with Omron APIs using HTTPS-based request/response scenario-supported programming language and platforms.

To build a productive environment of collaboration, developers are now able to access and integrate valuable, multidimensional data on market and technology advancements from Omron.

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FTC Aims to Offer Guidance on mHealth Apps

FTCMAW is reporting today that the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is rolling out a new web-based tool for mHealth app developers to assist in their important work and offer guidance in the process.

“It’s specifically designed to help developers understand what federal laws and regulations might apply to their apps,” MAW notes.

The FTC offering was created in conjunction with the Department of Health and Human Services’ Office of National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC), Office for Civil Rights (OCR), and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

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mHealth Apps Continue Booming Business in App Stores

Mobile Apps Ready to Meet the Medication Adherence ChallengeAccording to a new report first summarized this week by MAW, app stores remain the number one distribution channel for mHealth apps.

“Fifty two percent of mHealth experts rate app stores, such as Apple App Store or Google Play, to be the best channels from which to distribute mHealth apps for the next five years,” asserts a new publication from Research2Guidance.

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