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Teladoc CMO Named to National Quality Forum Telehealth Committee

Teladoc Services Enter New MarketTeladoc, Inc., a leader in telehealth, has just announced that Henry DePhillips, chief medical officer, has been named to the newly formed National Quality Forum (NQF) Telehealth Multi-stakeholder Committee.

The news was shared with mHealthWatch on Monday.

If you’re not familiar, NQF leads national collaboration to improve health and healthcare through measurement and other quality innovation initiatives.

Leveraging his experience driving clinical quality initiatives at Teladoc, Dr. DePhillips will work closely with the multi-stakeholder NQF committee to establish a structure for measuring the quality of telehealth encounters and to identify existing and potential metrics that could be used to evaluate the quality of telehealth services.

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Smart Footwear Pushing into mHealth

ABI Healthsense Take Top Spot in mHealth Home Monitoring Device Competitive AssessmentABI Research forecasts what it calls “tremendous growth” in the future of the smart footwear market.

Driven by mHealth applications, we’re told that unit shipments will rise to more than 6 million in 2021 from just 300,000 in 2016, an 82% CAGR.

By supporting sensors within shoes or smart socks, home monitoring and remote patient management applications can track a host of valuable parameters with minimal disruption to those being monitored.

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LifeMap Solutions Joins Medidata AppConnect Partner Program to Encourage mHealth Innovation

LifeMap Sciences Announces Partnership with MedGenomeLifeMap Solutions announced today its new partnership with Medidata, a provider of cloud-based solutions for clinical research.

LifeMap is joining Medidata’s AppConnect Partner Program in support of mobile health innovation.

As a certified and inaugural AppConnect Partner, LifeMap Solutions will leverage its extensive experience developing patient engagement tools to build consumer-friendly mobile apps and remote patient-research programs for clinical trials.

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mHealthWatch, WebMD, Harvard Health Blog Recognized by Feedspot

mHealthWatch, WebMD, Harvard Health Blog Recognized by FeedspotmHealthWatch was honored to learn this week that our site was selected by Feedspot as one of the  Top 100 Health Blogs on the web (Thank you, Feedspot!)

“Health is the best Wealth. We never have a true idea of its value until we lose it,” the Feedspot announcement reads. “So to equip you with the information necessary to make your journey to a healthier life easier, we have selected the Best 100 Health Blogs that are truly worth following.”

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ABI: mHealth Wearables Drive Disruption in Diabetic Care

Wearables Easy to Like, Hard to UseThis year, ABI Research announced Friday, the global diabetic population crossed half a billion, and it continues to grow.

In response, device manufacturers, healthcare providers, and patients are looking for ways to manage this long-term chronic disease in an efficient and unobtrusive way.

According to its latest research and projections, ABI indicates that wearable continuous glucose monitoring devices are “paramount.”
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New mHealth Stroke Study Launched

New mHealth Stroke Study LaunchedMedidata, the leading global provider of cloud-based solutions for clinical research in life sciences, announced recently that Techfields Pharma has selected the Medidata Clinical Cloud to power a Phase II Ischemic Stroke study.

“The China-based pharmaceutical company will leverage Medidata’s robust study management capabilities and mobile health (mHealth) technology to optimize trial processes and gather new insights on treatment efficacy and patients’ quality of life,” a provided statement reads.

“Cloud and mobile health technologies offer new channels for maximizing the value of clinical data, and we believe they will play an increasingly important role in our ability to bring vital new medicines to patients,” said Dr. Chongxi Yu, Techfields’ founder and president. “Using the Medidata platform, our research teams can more quickly access richer, more complete clinical datasets while gaining valuable insight into patient well-being and disease progression. This is a key focus of our R&D strategy, as we pursue promising drug candidates with the potential to help people live longer, healthier lives.”
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How mHealth Tech Is Helping Stroke Recovery

UTHealth Uses Telemedicine to Enroll Patients For Acute Stroke TrialThe following is a guest contributed post by Jeremy Pollack, Staff Blogger at CallFire, a cloud-based voice and text platform.

Each year, nearly 800,000 people experience a new or recurrent stroke—an attack on the brain caused by a loss of blood flow, which can result in disabilities such as memory loss, speech impairment, and limited mobility.

During a stroke, brain cells lose the blood flow they need to stay alive. When these cells die, it can cause permanent disability, depending on how serious the stoke was and in what area of the brain blood loss occurred.

More than two-thirds of stroke survivors will experience some type of disability. For patients recovering from a stroke, therapy is one way to improve the cognitive functions that are often disabled after a serious attack.

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