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mPulse Mobile Advances Personalized Messaging Through New Healthx Partnership

On Tuesday at the AHIP Consumer Experience & Digital Health Forum, Healthx, Inc. — a leader in cloud-based portal and digital engagement solutions for healthcare payers — and mPulse Mobile — the industry leader in mobile health engagement — announced a partnership to offer “personalized text messaging, email and IVR solutions through the Healthx member engagement platform.”

According to the formal announcement shared with MMW, using a series of member-focused text message workflows, Healthx platform users can drive adoption and utilization, lift quality scores, and create a personalized member experience, while decreasing call center costs to expand their reach to members – all pre-integrated with their Healthx portal and engagement solutions.

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mPulse Mobile Offers Support at No Charge to Healthcare Providers, Patients in the Wake of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma

In the aftermath of Harvey and in anticipation of Irma, there are many ways technology and mobile solutions across the digital health landscape can lend vital support and practical assistance to healthcare providers and patients alike.

People affected by these catastrophic hurricanes will spend countless weeks and months recovering and rebuilding. To lend its industry leading expertise and resources to that process, mPulse Mobile — a mobile technology provider that enables health care organizations to reach and engage patients to improve health and business outcome — is pledging its effort to reduce the impact of widespread disruption by helping healthcare organizations communicate with their consumers regardless of where their consumers currently are.

“When natural disasters like these occur, consumers with healthcare needs and appointments are often left in the dark about cancellations, rescheduling or the ability to move their appointment to another location due to the chaos caused by the hurricane,” the company says in a blog post. “For those already receiving care, it can be challenging for families and caretakers to track down to what facility their loved ones have been moved.”

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mPulse Mobile Partners with Harvard Medical School on Texting Program for Medicaid Members

Could targeted and interactive text messages to Medicaid patients improve disease management and boost primary care visits?

That’s something Harvard researchers, in partnership with mPulse Mobile, plan to find out. Mobile health engagement leader mPulse Mobile just announced the new effort, which will be tackled in cooperation with researchers at the Department of Health Care Policy at Harvard Medical School (Harvard).

The research will start with implementation of two distinct programs.

“One program will evaluate whether interactive text messaging helps new members select and visit a primary care clinician soon after enrolling,” explained mPulse Mobile in a media release. “The second program hopes to activate members with chronic conditions, such as asthma, to enroll and engage in a disease management program.”

The initiative builds on a known medical fact: of all U.S. health problems, chronic diseases are among the most preventable. Since chronic disease management accounts for 86 percent of the nation’s total healthcare costs, improvements in engagement with the Medicaid population could pay big dividends.

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With mPulse Mobile Program, Poorly Prepared Patient Ratio Plummets

mPulse Mobile Proves a Magnet for Funding as Market Demand Swells for itsIn our final installment of mHealthWatch’s blog series based on the enlightening content and case studies presented in mPulse Mobile’s new Outcomes Report, we’re taking a look at the critically important issue of Patient Compliance.

As outpatient services providers know too well, poorly prepared patients cause 21 percent of “procedure no-goes.” In an effort to mitigate this surprisingly pervasive problem of inadequate surgery prep, a large, integrated health system went looking for a more effective solution for preparing patients for outpatient procedures.

The search in question led to the discovery of a solution offered by mPulse Mobile.

According to a recap of the results that followed, the integrated health system quickly realized a vast improvement over the former system utilized, which chiefly consisted of paper mailings and staff phone calls which were expensive and not consistently effective.

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Improving Portal Adoption Possible with mPulse Mobile Solution

Improving Portal Adoption Possible with mPulse Mobile SolutionIn this week’s installment of mHealthWatch’s new blog series, we’re tackling the challenge of improving portal adoption.

Although 87 percent of patients now want electronic access to their health records, according to athenahealth’s research highlighted recently by Healthcare Information, the portal adoption rate in the U.S. is just 29%. As a result, it behooves Integrated Delivery Networks (IDNs) to seek new and effective ways to improve their portal adoption rates and increase their return on investments in procurement of engaged patients.

For this particular case study , we’re setting our sights on the experience of a large, multi-state IDN which invested significant resources into boosting portal adoption. This effort in question provided the foundation for a case study presented in mPulse Mobile’s new Outcomes Report.

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No-Show Woes Reduced by mPulse Mobile Appointment Reminders

Ttechnology-1000859_960_720his week, in the continuation of our new blog series, we’re taking a closer look at the impact of mobile appointment reminders.

According to mPulse Mobile’s new Outcomes Report, even well run clinics, with all the technology now available, experience a 12 percent average daily no-show rate.

Determined to make a dent in that disturbing statistic, a world-class Integrated Delivery Network (IDN) approached the matter proactively and with an eye toward technology. The IDN had been delivering appointment reminders via automated telephone calls, but it was neither the most consumer-friendly nor most effective solution.

In an effort to reduce no-shows, the IDN contacted mPulse Mobile, whose expertise aligns with the shifting trend towards text as the consumer preferred channel of communication. Per the findings of a 2016 survey by Sequence, when it comes to communications with healthcare providers, text messages are now preferred over phone calls by a majority of patients.

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Clients and Care Plans: mPulse Mobile Solution Boosts Rx Refill Rates

Electronic Data May Assist Hospitals with Medication AdherenceThis week, in the continuation of our new blog series, we’re exploring what happens to patients after diagnosis and instructions are provided by their doctors and healthcare professionals. Sadly, 50 percent of patients do not adhere to the care plans recommended by their physicians.

Consider the case of a large Integrated Delivery Network (IDN), which was concerned about the low medication refill rates among its Medicare patients with chronic conditions. According to mPulse Mobile’s Outcomes Report, call center outreach to this population only achieved an 8 percent refill rate — and the costs were high. Email and paper reminders did not drive any increases in refill rates.

Soon the IDN firm’s Pharmacy Operations Director engaged mPulse Mobile, a company that provides mobile engagement solutions for healthcare, to help devise a better solution to increase the refill rates and reduce the workload demands on the pharmacy call center staff.

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