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Hospital Visits to be Quicker Thanks to New App, Technology

Acuity Link, a technology company that assists hospitals and medical transport providers through automation of non-emergency transport bookings, officially announced today the availability of their new cloud-based software.

According to a statement emailed to MHW, the software created by Acuity Link is a comprehensive discharge workflow tool allowing health care institutions to better manage discharges by innovating the process of booking non-emergency transportation.

This helps healthcare institutions to run more efficiently and dramatically improves patient experience, clinical outcome and bed utilization.

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New App Tracks Flu Near You

New App Tracks Flu Near YouIf you haven’t yet discovered it, there’s a new mobile tool that could be very handy this flu season.

Flu Near You is a free website and mobile app that tracks and monitors flu symptoms around the country and makes it easier to track the flu as it allows users to zoom into their zip code. Users can also track the flu in their area a lot quicker than it takes for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to report on it.

Within the app’s interface, blue dots mean no symptoms, yellow means symptoms but not flu-like illness, and red means symptoms that could be the flu.

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