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ZibdyHealth Launches the ‘Smart HIE’ Health Information Exchange

ZibdyHealth Launches the 'Smart HIE' Health Information ExchangeThis week, Zibdy, Inc. is announcing the launch of its “Smart HIE” for healthcare providers.

In the past few years, numerous health information exchanges have been established across the country to support medical data interoperability. Almost all of these exchanges have been heavily subsidized by tax payers through federal and state government grants. Now many of these exchanges are facing challenges in trying to attain financial viability, the company explained in a provided news release.

This regional Health Information Exchange (HIE) model also has a number of additional problems relating to patient care. A regional HIE rarely connects all of the healthcare providers in a region, thus leaving many patients unconnected. Given their regional focus, these HIEs are not able to share data beyond their coverage area, also limiting their scope. For those HIEs which are currently operating, another major challenge has been linking patient information from different medical record systems (due to differences in identification data between systems). Some HIEs have resorted to linking patient information with social profiles pulled off of the internet, thus jeopardizing patient privacy.

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