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Are Wearables Wearing Out Their Welcome?

Are Wearables Wearing Out Their Welcome?For the first time, the worldwide smartwatch market saw a year-over-year decline of 32%, according to preliminary data from the International Data Corporation (IDC) Worldwide Quarterly Wearable Device Tracker.

According to the IDC’s media announcement, smartwatch vendors shipped 3.5 million units in the second quarter of 2016. That’s down substantially from the 5.1 million shipped a year ago.

As for the market leaders, Apple held the top rank by shipping 1.6 million watches. “However, it was the only vendor among the top 5 to experience an annual decline in shipments,” IDC says.

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Smart Watches and APIs: Expanding Opportunities

ABI Smartwatches Expected to 'Trump' mHealth Wearables for Integration into the 34 Billion Smart Home MarketThe following is a guest contributed post from Harry Wang, Director Research at Parks Associates.

Parks Associates consumer research reports 11% of U.S. broadband households with children have a smart watch, and 16% plan to buy one by mid-year 2016. Ten percent of Spanish broadband households own a smart watch, followed by 8% in the UK, 7% in Germany, and 6% in France.

The expansion of mobile device platforms to wearable form factors is creating many opportunities for developers to build services and applications for wearables in the smart watch space. APIs play a key role in developing these apps.

The smart watch’s easy access makes it a great mobile device to act as a remote control for smarthome features such as turning on lights remotely, closing garage doors, adjusting thermostat settings, and many more features. Some of the key challenges in implementing these features are the relatively low processing power of smart watches compared with smartphones. Additionally, the small size of the screen makes user interaction difficult for setting up complex scenarios and workflows.

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Apple Dominating Smartwatch Boom for Health, Business, Social Use

India Set to Get Apple Watch Next WeekApple, according to a new Canalys report, dominated the smartwatch market in 2015, accounting for over 12 million units and two-thirds of all shipments.

A report summary from MAW noted that Samsung returned to second place in Q4.

“Pebble came third and Huawei came fourth, establishing itself as the leading Android Wear vendor,” the Canalys crew confirms. “Basic bands exceeded 37 million shipments for the year. Fitbit set a quarterly shipments record as it comfortably led the category. Xiaomi held second place, shipping 12 million Mi Bands during 2015.”
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New Balance Ready to Run with New Technology Division

New Balance Ready to Run with New Technology DivisionAlthough the news largely went under the radar, global athletic leader New Balance recently announced a new division dedicated exclusively to connecting consumers with the technology they desire to improve their athletic performance.

The first word we heard of the new effort came last week at CES 2016.

New Balance Digital Sport, we’re told, “will focus on understanding, motivating and improving the lives of athletes through digital experiences and wearable technologies.”
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WebMD Sets Sights on Apple Watch

WebMD Sets Sights on Apple WatchWith Apple’s long-awaited smartwatch finally set to reach consumers this weekend, it should come as little surprise that some of the world’s leading health information providers are eager to extend their platform to Apple Watch, which promises to become one of the hottest health-centric wearables ever released.

If you missed it. WebMD Health Corp. recently announced plans to launch “an enhanced version of its flagship mobile app” with an experience built specifically for Apple Watch that includes a new Medication Reminder feature designed to encourage medication compliance and help improve patient outcomes.

WebMD’s Apple Watch app will enable consumers to view daily medication schedules and instructions, as well as pill images with dosage and timing information, plus receive reminders when it’s time to take a given medication – right on their Apple Watch.

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Tractica Says Smartwatches Are on Track for Big Market Gains

Tractica Says Smartwatches Are on Track for Big Market GainsThe wearables market may be hot, but it’s about to get much hotter.

“Wearable computing is moving past the early adopter stage and the industry is beginning to see the first glimpses of how it will have a profound influence on the future of human interaction with technology,” reads a new report summary from Tractica.

The researchers project that the global wearable devices market will grow from 17 million device shipments in 2013 to 187.2 million units annually by 2020. Read the full story

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Smartwatches Set to Replace Fitness Wearables

Smartwatches Set to Replace Fitness WearablesAccording to analysts at Juniper Research, the global retail revenue from smart wearable devices will “treble by 2016, before reaching $53.2 billion by 2019.”

The market, we’re told, will be driven by an increase in sales of premium smart watches and smart glasses over the next five years.

The new report asserts that the recent entry of key industry players within the wearables sector has helped fuel an explosion of new devices in this increasingly crowded market.

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