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Hospital Visits to be Quicker Thanks to New App, Technology

Acuity Link, a technology company that assists hospitals and medical transport providers through automation of non-emergency transport bookings, officially announced today the availability of their new cloud-based software.

According to a statement emailed to MHW, the software created by Acuity Link is a comprehensive discharge workflow tool allowing health care institutions to better manage discharges by innovating the process of booking non-emergency transportation.

This helps healthcare institutions to run more efficiently and dramatically improves patient experience, clinical outcome and bed utilization.

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New Research: 29% of Patients Give Their Healthcare Providers an ‘A’ for Use of Tech

Moseda Technologies Heralds New Pilot Project CDW Healthcare recently launched its 2017 Patient Engagement Perspectives Study.

This study builds on 2016 research to explore the drivers, challenges and influences for patient engagement – from the consumer/patient perspective and the provider perspective – as well as the evolving role that communication and technology – including portals and telemedicine – play in its expansion.

Key findings include:

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Moving Beyond Buzzwords: Enabling the Future of Healthcare with Platform Technology

Avizia Focusing on Secure Messaging for Healthcare ProvidersThe following is a guest contributed post from David Reis, SVP and CIO of Lahey Health.

Across the country, health care organizations are re-envisioning how to deliver care. Major health systems like Lahey Health are seeking out new solutions that allow us to transition from episodic care to wellness – minimizing the impact of disease and managing the health of populations more effectively. At the same time, patients continue to demand more from their care providers. We now must bring care to patients at the time and location of their choosing, and this is the beginning of the consumerization of healthcare. These shifts require technology that can provide more comprehensive and context-aware views of patients’ data, support for collaborative care across the continuum, and allow health systems to scale their delivery of care in new ways. Consequently, CIOs face constant challenges to seek out the most effective technologies that will ensure an organization’s vision can come to fruition.

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Virtual Reality Tapped to Help Health Problems in The Netherlands

Virtual Reality's Role in Healthcare Continue to GrowAccording to a new report from VRJournal, there’s an innovative health-focused VR project now underway at NEMO Science Museum  in Amsterdam.

“The study is organized by UMC Utrecht and XL lab (represented by Atoms2Bits) and is designed to study the brain performance of people who have had serious health issues and experience psychological traumas as a result,” the projects organizers explain in the report.

The research, we’re told, takes the shape of a “Virtual Supermarket.”

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Nebraska Medicine Physicians Report Technological Advantage

Nuance Moving Ahead with Art of Medicine InitiativeNuance Communications recently announced that Nebraska Medicine, after a head-to-head competitive process, chose and implemented Nuance Dragon Medical One as the cloud-based clinical speech recognition platform for its initiative to “get physicians more engaged and satisfied with documentation processes in the electronic health record (EHR) system.”

The results, we’re told, have been staggeringly positive.

According to a provided release, combining Epic’s tools for structured information with Nuance technology allows Nebraska Medicine’s physicians to use their voice to tell the patient’s complete patient story.

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Progress Being Made on 5G Mobile Network Technology

Samsung, Pebble Reaping the Rewards of Wearables BoomOn Wednesday, VRJournal reported that Samsung Electronics America is collaborating with T-Mobile US on new demonstrations and lab tests designed to bring the power of 5G mobile networks to the masses.

Through this collaboration, the companies will assess next generation network development in real-world mobile use cases and applications, and conduct lab and field trials that demonstrate a range of innovative 5G-driven capabilities.

The collaboration includes initial testing later this year of 5G mobility in an outdoor environment using T-Mobile’s 28 GHz (mmWave) spectrum and Samsung’s 5G proof of concept system, which will be enabled by Samsung’s advanced beam forming technology.

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From The Pharmacy To Technology, Exploring Options For Managing Pain

Managing Chronic Pain With Telemedicine ToolsThe following is a guest contributed post from Toni Tantlinger.

Maybe your knees aren’t what they once were and a leisurely walk around the block has become a painful ordeal.

Perhaps too much time hunched in front of the computer has left your shoulders an aching mess.

Young or old, you’re in good company. More than 11 percent of Americans suffer from chronic pain, according to the National Institutes of Health, and are looking for ways to rid themselves of those aches – even if just temporarily – so they can enjoy life without wincing and groaning.

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