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Eceptionist Announces Teledermatology Educational Role

Eceptionist, a world leader in providing healthcare organizations with cloud-based software solutions around referral management, e-consults, scheduling and Telehealth, recently took part in a nationwide Teledermatology skills and practice course across the United Kingdom.

According to a media release emailed to MHW, the Eceptionist “Telehealth Manager” and “Triage & E-Referral Manager” solution “were used as a platform among a variety of Dermatologists in an effort to provide a practical course in the service delivery of Teledermatology services.”

This effort, organized by members of the British Teledermatology Society and hosted by the British Association of Dermatologists, was meant as training to show key features of a clinical Teledermatology practice and illustrate safe and useful options for patients while appealing to primary and secondary Dermatological care.

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Nextech and Iagnosis Advance Teledermatology Care

Nextech and Iagnosis Advance Teledermatology Care Nextech, a provider of specialty-focused healthcare technology solutions, has just announced its exclusive integration with Iagnosis, a provider of online dermatology solutions.

Through this partnership, patients and dermatologists can leverage automated information sharing and time-saving features to deliver “efficient and exceptional online dermatology care,” a provided news release explains.
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Dermatology Treatment Increasingly Dependent on Telemedicine

Dermatology Treatment Increasingly Dependent on TelemedicineAccording to a new research report by RNCOS, telemedicine is being increasingly implemented for treating dermatology patients.

The report in question, “Global Telemedicine Market Outlook 2020,” notes that the market for Teledermatology accounted for 18.9% share of the global Telemedicine market in 2014.

Telecommunication technologies in Teledermatology are utilized to exchange medical information (concerning skin conditions and tumors of the skin) over a distance utilizing audio, visual, and data communication. Applications include health care management, such as consultation, diagnoses, and treatment as well as (continuous) education.
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Itching for Success: Dermatology App Hits 100,000 Downloads

Itching for Success Dermatology App Hits 100,000 DownloadsFirst Derm, a free iOS and Android teledermatology app that lets patients receive an opinion on any skin ailment from board-certified dermatologists in just 24 hours, has reached an epic app store milestone.

According to a statement provided to mHealthWatch, the app has now reached 100,000 downloads.

First Derm has been extensively researched as a dermatology triage tool. Users anonymously upload two photos, one up close and one overview, along with a description of the skin concern without requiring registration or profile creation.
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Eczema Patients Itching for More Teledermatology

Eczema Patients Itching for More TeledermatologyA new study finds that atopic dermatitis, also known as eczema, patients who went online to connect with their dermatologists, or teledermatology, showed just as much improvement as those who saw their doctors in person.

The study compared the effectiveness of online treatment to in-office visits with 156 people in which, after an initial office visit with their dermatologist, half had office visits and the other had online communication. After one year, the differences between the two groups of patient were so small, statistically, it was considered nonexistent.

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