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PeakMed, CirrusMD Announce Secure Text and Video Platform Between Doctors and Patients

MHW can confirm that PeakMed, a leader in direct primary health care, and CirrusMD, a health-tech company which offers a text-first approach to telemedicine, have just inked a new partnership that brings communication technology to the PeakMed family.

CirrusMD’s HIPAA-compliant platform allows PeakMed patients to ask questions and get the treatment they need, including prescriptions as appropriate, via text, image sharing, video or phone, all without having to come into the PeakMed Life Center.

Different from a typical clinic’s patient portal, where a patient may be able to email a doctor and then have to wait up to a day for a response, CirrusMD allows patients to simply text their provider through an app on their computer or mobile device, allowing for on-demand communications to determine next steps.

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Magellan Health Leverages Talkspace’s Messaging Therapy

Magellan Health, Inc. has announced a collaboration with Talkspace, the global leader in online messaging therapy.

We’re told that Talkspace will work with Magellan to bring messaging therapy in an accessible and convenient format to Magellan’s employer clients.

Through Talkspace, individuals can seek behavioral health therapy by connecting directly to a therapist in a web or mobile environment, including secure text messaging.

“In today’s busy world, we recognize the importance of offering mental healthcare when and where consumers choose to access it,” said Gus Giraldo, president of commercial markets for Magellan Health. “Whether you are in the coffee shop, lying in bed in the middle of the night, or working at your desk, a licensed therapist is available to communicate with you in a private, secure setting.”

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Vocera to Offer Free, Secure Text Messaging for Its U.S. Healthcare Customers

Vocera to Offer Free, Secure Text Messaging for Its U.S. Healthcare CustomersVocera wants to up the ante.

In a bid to be the provider of choice, the company has announced it will soon offer cloud-based secure texting at no cost to its 800-plus U.S. hospital customers.

“Vocera Secure Texting will connect seamlessly with Vocera Communication Systems installed in over 800 U.S. hospitals, enabling physicians to securely text care teams and improve care coordination, operational efficiencies, and patient experience,” said a company spokesman in a recent release.

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SMS Service for Pregnant Women Launches in South Africa

SMS Service for Pregnant Women Launches in South AfricaA new mobile application, MomConnect, will allow all pregnant women in South Africa to sign up for a free SMS service which provides information and advice on pregnancy.

In addition, it can be used to notify the Department of Health about poor services at clinics.

According to a story at BizCommunity, the free program for pregnant mothers has been launched by the Department of Health, with funding from the U.S. government and Johnson & Johnson.

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Soon to be Required Text-to-911 Has Skeptics

Soon to be Required Text-to-911 Has SkepticsAs recently profiled by Fierce Mobile Healthcare, all wireless carriers and certain texting applications will be required to support text-to-911 functionality by the end of 2014, per the rules adopted by the Federal Communications Commission last week.

The rules state that if any call center requests text-to-911, providers will comply within six months. Wireless providers must send automatic reply messages instructing consumers to call 911 in areas without text-to-911 functionality.

The FCC says that 48 million Americans are deaf or hard of hearing and 7.5 million have speech disabilities, so this will give consumers more options for emergency outreach.

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Secure Text Messaging Could Save Hospitals a Fortune Annually

Secure Text Messaging Could Save Hospitals a Fortune AnnuallyFor hospitals, there’s huge savings to be secured in secure SMS.

Late last week, mHealthWatch was briefed on a new study that Imprivata recently published about the productivity and economic impact that inefficient provider-to-provider communication has in healthcare.

“Inefficient communication during critical clinical workflows such as patient admissions, emergency response team coordination and patient transfers costs the average U.S. hospital about $1.75 million annually,” reads the report summary shared.
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Teens Love To Text — So Why Not Use It To Manage Chronic Health Concerns?

Teens Love To Text — So Why Not Use It To Manage Chronic Health ConcernsMost parents and grandparents recall the phone being used to talk with friends for hours on end during their teenage years. However, modern technology has shifted talking on the phone to texting all hours of the day and night.

In a recent study performed by the University of California, texting was used as part of a web-based and text intervention program to help teens manage chronic health conditions.

While texting and medicine may not seem like they go hand in hand, the results were successful. Not only does texting speak to teenagers in their preferred method of communication—but most teens have their phones with them at all times.

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