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Paid to Get Healthy? UnitedHealthcare Pilots Fitness App That Rewards Progress

Paid to Get Healthy UnitedHealthcare Pilots Fitness App That Rewards ProgressCould people soon be “paid” to practice healthier behaviors?

It might be enticing enough to make people do jumping jacks. Word has just reached us that UnitedHealthcare is developing a new app that “offers financial incentives for users who practice healthful behavior.”

Minneapolis-based UnitedHealthcare is now piloting the iPhone app — dubbed “Reward Me” — in Arizona and Illinois. The pilot offers a bevy of rewards based on both usage of the app as well as achievements in four defined categories: healthy eating, relaxation, healthy activity, and life style.

According to Kirk Pion, vice president and Innovation Champion for UnitedHealth, “We wanted to acknowledge what people were doing every day to stay healthy.”

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UnitedHealthcare Debuts “Health4Me” Mobile App for iOS Devices, Coming Soon for Android

Health plan provider UnitedHealthcare has debuted a new mobile app for iOS devices called “Health4Me,” which provides 24/7 access to a registered nurse, a physician/hospital locator, and access to personal health benefits information among other features.

In addition, the new app features “Easy Connect” functionality that allows members to request a callback from a UnitedHealthcare service representative with a touch of  a screen.  Launched now for iOS devices, the new app will be out soon for Android as well.

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UnitedHealth Group Forms Strategic Partnerships with mHealth Technology Providers

It was announced today that UnitedHealth Group, the organization overseeing both health insurer UnitedHealthcare and health IT provider Optum, has formed strategic partnerships with three mobile health IT firms that all offer mobile products and services designed to help improve consumers’ health and well-being.

The three companies forging the partnership with UnitedHealth include CareSpeak Communication, “Lose it!,” and Fitbit.  Like most large healthcare organizations today, UnitedHealth Group is seeking innovative companies that “help simplify the consumer healthcare experience by making relevant, practical information easier to access by using consumer-friendly technology devices such as smartphones and other mobile devices.”  Here’s a brief overview of each of the three companies forging the alliance with UnitedHealth — all of which will also be presenting at UnitedHealth’s booth during CES this week. . .

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