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How Wearable Tech is Changing How We Manage Health Information

IDC Worldwide, Wearables Will Surpass 200 Million in 2019The folks at Pearson Online Learning and the University of Illinois at Chicago recently shared with MHW a fascinating new infographic.

“Technology is changing how we manage our lives and track important data,” a provided statement reads. “With increasing amounts of wearable technology available, patients are able to monitor and record their own health. This revolutionizes the doctor-patient relationship, providing innovative changes to the health care industry.”
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New Study Examines How Technology Companies Define, Create New Wearable Tech

Finishing Touches Being Put on First Wave of Apple Watch AppsAccording to an announcement recently from the MU News Bureau, the creation and use of wearable technology, such as Apple watches, Google Glass, and Fitbits, have “drastically increased in recent years as technological advances have allowed manufacturers to create devices that were once only seen on science fiction shows.”

Today, according to researchers from the University of Missouri, the wearable technology industry often is hampered by communication breakdowns between technology engineers and fashion designers.

Deepika Raj, a doctoral student in the textile and apparel management program at MU,, says these breakdowns can hurt company productivity.

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Are Wearable Technologies Fueling The Eternal Youth Fire?

Are Wearable Technologies Fueling The Eternal Youth FireWhile wearable technologies are still establishing themselves in the marketplace, wearable technology combined with health related mobile apps allow users to track and monitor all aspects of their health like never before.

And although wearables certainly have the ability to alert users to their unhealthy habits and areas of opportunities, some may also play a role in taking the quest for eternal youth to a whole new extreme.

Recent research conducted by global marketing and communication firm Havas Worldwide shows that one thing most cultures around the world have in common is thinking of their body as a source of pride, power, happiness, and pleasure. However, what differs is what a body must look like in order to elicit those feelings.

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The Countdown to Apple Watch Begins

The Countdown to Apple Watch BeginsApproximately 90 days. That’s the estimated time-frame for launch of Apple’s long-awaited smartwatch called Apple Watch.

On Tuesday, after Apple reported a staggering $18.04 billion in profit last quarter — driven by sales of nearly 75 million iPhones — CEO Tim Cook spoke with reporters on the company’s earnings call and finally answered the tech world’s most persistent question: When will Apple Watch arrive?

We can now confirm that “early 2015″” means April 2015. In fewer than three months, Apple Watch will be inbound for your wrist (if you’re among those who actually want one).
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mHealth Can Improve Outcomes: Now Patients Are Advocating for Wearable Technology

mHealth Can Improve Outcomes Now Patients Are Advocating for Wearable TechnologyPatients with complex and long-term needs can better engage with their care if they can rely on a health IT infrastructure that is interoperable, open to communication, and proactive, say health IT proponents.

The latest salvo comes from Donna Cryer, a health IT advocate whose liver transplant and subsequent care has underscored the importance of coordination across multiple care settings.

Her story was contained in a recent blog post at HealthIT Buzz by Michael A. White and Simone Myrie. In the post, the authors argue that “patient-generated health data, and the ability of healthcare providers to accept, view, exchange, and use such data to make better treatment decisions, are some of the most crucial pieces of a coordinated and effective care team.”

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Where, Oh Where, Are Wearables Headed?

Where, Oh Where, Are Wearables HeadedThe worldwide wearable computing market – the “wearables” business, as it’s widely known – is finally expanding beyond early adopter status to more functional and stylish lifestyle accessories that are making their way onto the pages of GQ and Shape as well as Computerworld and Wired.

So even though wearable devices are on the rise now, Forrester Vice President and Principal Analyst James McQuivey predicted this week that by 2016, their functionality will be absorbed by other devices, such as smartphones and sensor-laden headphones, another possible reason Apple acquired Beats.

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Visiongain: Significant Growth Phase Ahead for Wearable Tech

Visiongain Significant Growth Phase Ahead for Wearable TechAlthough the tech news world really doesn’t need to report yet again that the business of wearables is booming, that’s exactly the news we’re left with yet again today.

In the firm’s latest report, Visiongain calculates that the wearable technology market will reach a $5.26 billion value this year.

Visiongain attributes this value and its strong growth over the forecast period to the “multi-faceted nature of the market.”
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