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WebMD Chooses Video As Strategy for Future

WebMD Chooses Video As Strategy for Future   WebMD mobile mHealth digital marketing Change is happening.

Now even longstanding content sites are having to up their game to retain readers — or, more properly stated now that video is king — viewers.

“Content sites are nothing new. They are pretty one-dimensional online entities that make their money primarily through advertising,” notes Street Wise Journal (SWJ) in a recent post. “Whether they operate on a business-to-business or a business-to-consumer model, the bottom line is still the same: advertising. With that said, there are a lot of challenges in the content space. You only need to look at the fortunes of Yahoo and AOL to know exactly what I’m talking about.”

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WebMD Launches ‘Future Of Health’ Series With Robin Roberts

WebMD Launches Future Of Health Series With Robin Roberts   WebMD Robin Roberts Future Of Health As millions of consumers around the world turn to the mobile and digital resources at their disposal to find health news and information, it comes as no surprise that one of the leading names in online medical information is eager to provide even more resources to the masses.

WebMD has just announced the premiere of ‘WebMD’s Future of Health with Robin Roberts,’ which was developed in collaboration with Good Morning America co-anchor Robin Roberts and her independent production company Rock’n Robin Productions.

Each Future of Health episode presents stories about cutting-edge medical breakthroughs inspiring individuals working to improve people’s lives and the people that are benefiting from their efforts.

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Walgreens, WebMD Connect for ‘Digital Wellness’ Programs

Walgreens, WebMD Connect for Digital Wellness Programs   WebMD walgreens Digital Wellness Programs Last fall, mHealthWatch covered the freshly announced partnership between Walgreens and WebMD. Now, several months removed from that initial announcement, we’re learning more about what is to come of this promising coupling.

Walgreens and WebMD Health Corp. have just unveiled “Your Digital Health Advisor,” which is described in a news release as being “a virtual wellness coaching program powered by WebMD, on Walgreens.com.”

Additionally, Chain Drug Review reports, the companies confirmed this week that they have integrated the Walgreens Balance Rewards customer loyalty program and Walgreens prescription services into WebMD’s flagship mobile application to “spur consumers to make healthier choices at home, work and on the go.”
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Democratization of Medicine Discussed at Health 2.0

Democratization of Medicine Discussed at Health 2.0   WebMD mobile health news mHealth Health 2.0 On Monday, during his Health 2.0 keynote address, Dr. Eric Topol — Editor-in-Chief of Medscape and Chief Academic Officer of Scripps Health – drew attention to what he calls the democratization of medicine (i.e.., cutting edge digital health technologies impacting the relationship between patients and their physicians).

Leading to the most buzz, however, was Dr. Topol’s unveiling of key findings from a new WebMD/Medscape survey of patients and healthcare professionals.

The WebMD/Medscape survey, say those behind the report’s composition, reveals “unique and often surprising perspectives” about patients’ and physicians’ willingness to embrace the use of digital technology.

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WebMD Prescribes New Features on iOS App

WebMD Prescribes New Features on iOS App   WebMD mobile health app iOS Healthy Target apps On Monday, WebMD launched WebMD Healthy Target, an integrated health improvement program that uses biometric device data from activity trackers, wireless scales and glucose meters, on its popular iOS app.

The impact, we’re told, is the app’s ability to deliver tailored, physician-reviewed, contextually relevant content and motivational tips to individuals looking to develop lasting health-conscious habits.

“WebMD Healthy Target will provide valuable assistance to individuals looking to manage chronic conditions like Type 2 diabetes and obesity, as well as to a broader audience interested in achieving their fitness goals or more generally living a healthier lifestyle,” a provided statement reads.

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What’s Up, Doc? Health Sites See Mobile Growth

Whats Up, Doc? Health Sites See Mobile Growth   websites WebMD mHealth health apps The doctor is in. Only now that means 24/7/365 — on mobile.

A recent Millennial Media study on consumer habits indicates that people seeking health information now split their time evenly between the PC and mobile devices.

On the mobile side, about 45 percent of time is spent on smartphones and 5 percent on tablets. That’s a bigger chunk for health than categories like automotive and travel, where the bulk of time is still spent on desktop.

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December’s Top 10 Online and Mobile Sites for Health Information

Decembers Top 10 Online and Mobile Sites for Health Information   websites WebMD mobile health websites mHealth health websites health news health information eBizMBA Rank has just published its revised list of the most popular health sites for the month of December 2013.

As 2013 draws to a close and millions of Americans prepare to renew their commitment to health and wellness in the new year, here’s a look at some of the sites that will help you stay healthy in mind and body next year.

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