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Virtual Care Helps Diet Doc Simplify Weight Loss

U.S. telemedicine weight loss company Diet Doc says it is making weight loss easier than ever through a new partnership.

MHW can confirm that the company has teamed up with healthcare technology company eVisit to cimplify the weight loss process.

Diet Doc says it has helped thousands of patients lose weight via doctor-supervised phone-based consultations that include diet planning and home prescription delivery.

eVisit’s online platform will add increased convenience to their existing remote-based patient/doctor meetings.

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mHealth Experts See Direct Link Between Sleep and Weight

mHealth Experts See Direct Link Between Sleep and WeightAccording to a new report from Business Insider, getting inadequate sleep can wreak more havoc on your health than we initially realized.

Along for the ride with drowsiness and irritability is weight gain. That’s right. Not getting enough shut eye can also cause you to “gain several pounds of weight per year.”

“It’s generally recommended that people sleep for seven to nine hours a night, but nearly 40% of Americans get less than that,” the report reads. “Those who do get the recommended amount of sleep per night can actually lose weight — up to 15 pounds in just eight weeks. But those who only sleep six hours a night can put on 14 pounds of extra weight in a year.”
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Dieting Goes Digital with ‘Girl Next Door’

Dieting Goes Digital with 'Girl Next Door'These days, Americans are doing just about everything online – including losing weight.

For that reason, eDiets has partnered with TV personality Holly Madison – of “The Girls Next Door” fame – to launch an online diet for new moms and women everywhere.

Madion, who is a new mom herself, says the new “Holly Madison Diet” offers personalized meal plans and recipes that are designed for maximum weight loss.
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The Evidence ‘Weighs’ In: Mobile Apps Help Weight Loss

Evidence continues to mount that mobile applications can play a pivotal role in weight loss.

The Journal of American Medical Informatics Association reports today that self-monitoring of physical activity (and diet, of course) are key components of behavioral weight loss programs.

Given how mobile apps have revolutionized the self-monitoring process, they are now deemed by health and fitness professionals as being important to weight loss efforts.

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