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Workplace Wellness: Gamified Dieting for a Healthier, Wealthier Holiday & New Year

The following is a guest contributed post by Merilee Kern, MBA.

Even during the gluttonous holidays and into the New Year “diet resolution” season, weight loss doesn’t have to be a difficult or costly workplace wellness endeavor. It can actually be quite profitable for the participants, themselves. One organization founded on much obesity and incentivization research, HealthyWage.com, has found a way to help dieters overcome their short-term financial woes and spur weight loss from the start, all boosting business bottom lines, by applying “double-incentivization” methodology.

The company’s various diet-for-dollars program–team-based challenges and other–allows participants to make a wager upfront tied to their intended weight-loss, for which they’ll receive a cash prize payout if they achieve their goal in the allotted time.

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Empowering Health and Wellness Consumers

Validic Survey Majority of Healthcare Organizations Lagging in Digital Health StrategiesThe following is a guest contributed post by Vince Schaller, Director, Health Practice, SGK.

“Ask your doctor if it’s right for you.” That advice, familiar in the U.S. ever since direct-to-consumer pharmaceutical advertising became legal nearly 20 years ago, is still sound. But today, consumers are increasingly asking themselves, before they even schedule a doctor’s appointment, “What are the right choices for me?”

Call it the increasing consumerism of health and wellness. Or, in the words of Kristin Hambelton, one of many CMOs who are bringing traditional marketing strategies to healthcare-oriented enterprises, call it the “Amazon Effect.” As Hambelton explains, “We want what we want, when we want it, and if we can’t get it from one place we’ll just keep looking until someone meets our needs.”1

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Study: Consumers Want Better Access to mHealth Services, Personal Health Information

A new study recently published by the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) — the folks behind the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) — shows that consumers demand better access to mobile health services and access to their personal medical information.

The study, entitled “The New Role of Technology in Consumer Health and Wellness,” examines consumer perceptions and attitudes in using new age digital and mobile health tools and services.  In it, it was found that 36 percent of consumers say they’d be interested in sending health data to their doctor via a wireless device; 33 percent are interested in managing their health records online; and 32 percent would be willing to consult with their doctor via online video.

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