Verizon Launches New Mobile Health Software Solution

Verizon Launches New Mobile Health Software SolutionIn case you missed it, Verizon Enterprise Solutions announced on Thursday the long-awaited availability of Converged Health Management.

The offering is a remote patient-monitoring medical platform designed to help clinicians and patients manage patients’ health in between doctor visits.

Verizon says its newest solution addresses the day-to-day communications gap that has historically existed between patients and clinicians.

These gaps may contribute to patient health problems, decreased care compliance, increased emergency room visits and longer hospital stays.

The Converged Health Management solution enables patients to use biometric devices to take health information such as blood pressure, oxygen saturation levels, glucose levels and weight from home or on the go. Patient data is then automatically transmitted through a wireless connection to a secure server that resides in Verizon’s HIPAA-ready cloud for analysis and intervention by the patient’s clinician.

“Patient outcomes are often the result of what individuals do when they are away from their care providers,” said Dr. Peter Tippett, chief medical officer and vice president of Verizon Innovation Incubator. “With this solution, Verizon is helping to transform how healthcare is delivered in the U.S. by increasing patient engagement and empowering patients to better manage their own health.”

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