11 Top Home Remedies To Get Wrinkle-Free Skin

Creases are bad to look at be it if they are found on our clothes or our face. While the ones on clothes don’t bother us much, the ones that begin to appear on our face translate to nothing but nightmares. If you are thinking about wrinkles, then, yes, you got it right! Indeed, we cannot reverse our age. As we get older, the aging process clings onto us like it is our best friend. And these wrinkles mainly appear in places like the forearms, neck, hands, face, etc. Genes too have a role to play in the occurrence of wrinkles. So, how do you fix it? While the appearance of the same is found among people who are aged between 40 and 50, the current times have changed; even teens have begun to develop wrinkles at such a young age. So, allow us to take you through what exactly wrinkles are, how they appear, and how it could be treated well. Read on!

remedies for wrinkles

What Are Wrinkles?

Another name for wrinkles would be rhytides. These are the creases that appear on the skin as a person begins to age because of a lack of moisture and elasticity. If you want to know if you are a victim of wrinkles, here are a few signs or symptoms you can look for:

  • Fine lines present around the mount, eyes, and even on the neck
  • Skin sagging in areas like neck and face
  • Loose skin is seen on parts of the hand
  • Furrows or deep wrinkles in areas around eyes and lips

What Causes These Wrinkles On Your Skin?

The answer behind the appearance of wrinkles is just one word—age! As a person ages, the skin all over the body begins to lose its moisture and elasticity. These creases on the skin are actually perpendicular to the muscles that are underlying our skin. For example, haven’t you observed the horizontal lines that appear on certain people’s foreheads? As we begin to age, the fibres in our bodies like the elastin and collagen lose their ability to repair themselves. While all of these are the natural causes of wrinkles as a result of aging, there are several cases where wrinkles begin to appear even before time and in a more pronounced manner. Some of the reasons for this are listed below:

  • Scarcity of vitamin D3
  • Pollution
  • Smoking
  • Heavy usage of cosmetics
  • Heavy exposure to the sun
  • Constantly changing skin creams and cosmetics

Skin Areas That Are Prone To Wrinkles

Face tops the list because the skin on the face is the thinnest and the most sensitive when compared to other parts of the body. Hence, wrinkles appearing on the face are way too common. Wrinkles on the forehead, around the eye areas, and also around the mouth can be considered as the second-best common. When it comes to aging alone—sagging lines around the neck, wrinkles on hands, chest, and feet begin to develop slowly but steadily.

Treatment of Wrinkles

There are numerous treatments that you can choose from to treat the problem of wrinkles. Several OTC (over-the-counter) skin creams contain antioxidants, a retinoid that is vitamin A derived as main components that can be used in treating the wrinkles. For example, the Lifting And Firming Cream will treat your wrinkle problem in no time. People can also opt for simple cosmetic surgeries that involve inducing collagen, a fibre which helps reduce wrinkles and also helps in evening out the skin texture. While these are all the scientific methods of reducing wrinkles, there are a zillion home remedies that act as a better treatment option. Let’s have a look at some of them.

  1. Coconut Oil

For this, it is best to use the most organic form of coconut oil. In gentle circular motions apply the coconut oil with the help of your fingertips. Massage it gently. It is best if you leave the oil on your affected areas of wrinkles overnight. We recommend that you repeat this procedure every night as it is during the night that our skin repairs itself in the best way. Coconut oil acts as an excellent moisturizer and hydration agent and will help in restoring the skin’s elasticity to a large extent.

  1. Grape Seed Extract

For this you can purchase some grapeseed oil or make your own grape seed extract. All you need to do is apply this to the affected areas and you will have to leave it on your skin for as long as you could and then wash it off. Follow this routine a few times for a couple of weeks and you will soon begin to notice that your skin has become wrinkle-free and supple. What grape seed does here is that it tightens your skin and also gives a healthy glow to it. The grape seed extract is rich in fatty acids, vitamin E, and polyphenols.

  1. Vitamin E

For this, you’ll need vitamin E capsules. Use a pin to pierce through the capsule and pour out the oil from the capsule into a small bowl or cup. Open up as many capsules as you would want. Massage the same on the affected area and leave it on for a couple of minutes. This home remedy works well if done on every night before hitting the bed. Vitamin E works as a mind-blowing moisturizer. It also hydrates and refreshes the skin. It also provides anti-inflammatory and photoprotective effects on the skin and renews the skin.

  1. Castor Oil

You will need a cotton ball and castor oil. Dab the affected areas with the cotton dipped in castor oil. Rinse it after ten minutes or leave it overnight. Castor oil is known to enhance the production of collagen and elastin in the skin.

  1. Apple Cider Vinegar

You will need one spoon of ACV and honey. Mix and apply this mixture on your face and neck like a face pack. Leave this on for twenty minutes. Rinse this with lukewarm water and then pat it dry. Apply a leave on moisturizer after this. The ACV has a pH balance property and this will make your skin glow and wrinkles disappear.

  1. Vaseline

You will need petroleum jelly or Vaseline for this. Apply a really thin layer of the same on your skin and massage it gently. Do it till it gets absorbed. Leave it overnight and rinse. The Vaseline acts as an occlusive agent that locks moisture in the skin. One caution for this is that if you have acne-prone skin then never use this remedy to treat your wrinkles.

  1. Argan Oil

Just a few drops of argan oil will seal your wrinkles. Massage the affected area with argan oil and let it sit overnight. Argan oil gets easily absorbed into the skin. It is rich in vitamin E and contains large amounts of fatty acids that breathe a new life into the skin. Using it regularly will help lighten the fine line and wrinkles.

  1. Egg White

Whisk one egg white and apply it on the skin. Once it has dried completely, you can wash it off with lukewarm water. Egg whites are a better option than skin creams. It tightens your skin. This remedy works best for those who have oily skin.

  1. Avocado

Remove the pit of the avocado fruit and mash it. Apply it on your skin 20-30 minutes before taking a shower. This fruit remedy works best for premature wrinkles that appear. It treats all signs of premature aging on your skin and will also help in restoring the health of your skin. Your skin will regain its vitality and radiance with this.

  1. Honey

Apply and massage raw honey onto your skin for a minute. Leave it on for half an hour and rinse with lukewarm water. Honey balances the skin’s pH levels, thereby reducing the appearance of wrinkles and providing nourishment to the skin.

  1. Turmeric

Turmeric spice has benefits beyond count. Mix 1 tablespoon of turmeric with 2 tablespoons of sugarcane juice. Apply and leave this mixture for 12-15 minutes and then rinse. This mask will slow down the loosening of the skin. The healing properties of the turmeric aren’t unknown to any of us. This pack will rejuvenate your skin in no time.

If you are someone who doesn’t want to invest time in a home remedy and wants quick fixes, then consider Lifting And Firming Cream. This will help you treat your wrinkles in the best way. And another tip to steer clear of wrinkles is to practice a healthy lifestyle and stress less.

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