How To Improve Blood Circulation Naturally

Our human body is a beautiful creation. Even to this day, we have no idea how exactly our brain works. Most of the time we have no answer as to why our brain remembers only a part of an event, an incident, or a memory. All of us also know what our human body is composed of. What we fail to notice at times is that, when we talk in measures of volume, nearly seven percent of the human body constitutes of human blood. A healthy adult would be having 4.5 to 5.5 liters of blood in his or her body. This, of course, depends on the age, sex, height, weight, and how well the overall health is too. This red blood can be easily be taken as a magic fluid that in many ways. This is because the blood is what is responsible for the smooth functioning of the critical operations in our body. And the need for healthy and proper blood circulation in the body cannot be emphasized enough!

Circulation is certainly very vital for our human health. However, we seldom or not at all think about its importance in our lives, do we? So, we’re taking you through all the basics of blood circulation here. Read on.

Blood Circulation

What Is Blood Circulation?

Yes, there are quite a number of people thinking about this as they went reading the first paragraph of this article. If you already know the meaning of blood circulation, we’re so glad about it. And for those of you who aren’t aware of it—blood circulation is a process that occurs in the body. It is the process where the heart in our body is pumping blood across the entire body. Now as this blood gets circulated around our body, it keeps delivering oxygen and other vital nutrients to the cells of our body. While doing this, the blood circulation also takes away all the waste that is accumulated around the body. You must be thrilled to know that thanks to our heart, nearly five quarters of blood is being pumped through all the blood vessels in our body.

Now, if the blood circulation in our body is very poor, you are at risk of suffering from various serious health issues. You might also start feeling numb in your hands and feet. Some of the symptoms of poor blood circulations include:

  • Frequent exhaustion
  • Lower appetite problems
  • Unreasonable and unexplainable digestive issues
  • Skin discoloration
  • Brittle hair
  • Varicose veins
  • Brittle nails

What Triggers A Poor Blood Circulation?

We can live a healthy life only if our body and its functioning are being carried in the most efficient manner. For this to happen, blood circulation is very vital. However, we could be doing certain things that make our body’s blood circulation to fall in the poor blood circulation category. We’re pointing out at some of those things which eventually lead to poor blood circulation in the body:

  • The reason that tops the list of what could trigger a poor blood circulation is smoking! This is because the carbon monoxide present in the smoke liberated from damages, not just one blood cell but layers of blood cells in the body. This leads to the fat in our body as well as the plaque to stick to the walls. And this makes way to a blocked pathway for the blood to circulate throughout the body. This ends up in poor blood circulation in the body which in turn makes way to various health-related problems.
  • The sedentary lifestyle that we are so much in love with is also one of the reasons behind obtaining a poor blood circulation in the body. With a sedentary lifestyle comes the ode of having a lack of movement every single day which is essential for our body. The lack of activities or exercises leads to very minimal mobility in our body. This too affects the blood circulation process of our body.
  • Eating junk or fast foods also leads to poor blood circulation in the body. Eating unhealthy food leads to becoming prey to obesity. And this obstructs the smooth flow of blood throughout the body. And even before you realize, you might have already been going through various illnesses caused due to poor blood circulation in the body.
  • Again, if you aren’t watching what you are eating especially in terms of glucose and sugar levels. If you develop high cholesterol levels or high/low blood pressure levels—then these reasons to become the primary cause of poor blood circulation in your body.

How To Tackle Poor Blood Circulation?

There are several ways with the help of which one can tackle the problem of poor blood circulation. You can definitely seek medical help, you could improve your lifestyle habits or you could also take health supplements like the Blood Balance Formula which is made up of natural ingredients. Let’s take a look at what other ways we could use to tackle poor blood circulation problem:

  • Maintain Good And Healthy Weight

We must always ensure that our BMI (body mass index) is according to the height and weight of our body. If one tends to become overweight, this will easily affect the smooth functioning of the blood circulation in our body. There are many studies that have proven how losing weight and attaining the optimum weight has helped individuals obtain a healthy body as a result of healthy blood circulation from within the body. Even your vascular health improves because of the same.

  • Practicing Yoga

Yoga can be considered as one of the most low-impact yet beneficial exercising regimes especially if you are a beginner. Yoga usually involves three things—twisting, stretching, and bending. A combination of these three movements will help compress and decompress an individual’s veins, thereby improving the circulation of the body. The yoga pose that involves downward-dog facing pose is the aptest one that can be used for improving blood circulation in the body. To do the downward dog pose, you’ll need to follow the below instructions:

  1. Keep your shoulders above your wrists, and hips need to be above knees while you are on all your fours
  2. Breathe in slowly
  3. Push your hips backward and exhale the air slowly while you are in that upward position
  4. Don’t forget to straighten your legs and arms now
  5. Press into your hands firmly while doing the previous step
  6. Now breathe deeply by lifting and then pressing down your heels one by one so that your stretch gets a little intensified
  7. Now allow your neck to relax
  8. And now you can lower your hips and bring it back to its normal position
  9. And relax
  • Drink Lots Of Green Tea

If you are someone who is drinking milk way too many times in a day, we suggest that you switch to green tea as it is a healthier alternative and it also stimulates all your bodily functions in a much smoother manner. Green tea also helps to widen the blood vessels of the body. This will ultimately increase and improve blood circulation in the body.

  • Keeping The Iron Levels In The Body Balanced

You need to know that iron is a very essential mineral when it comes to a healthy and good circulatory system. It is much needed to prepare hemoglobin, a major component of blood cells in our body. This is needed to transport oxygen throughout the body. Therefore, it is very essential to eat foods that are rich sources of iron, for example, spinach, red meat, etc. Or you can also take good health supplements like the Blood Balance Formula as well.

There are a zillion ways to improve your blood circulation. But before starting with any of these, it’s always best to consult your doctor if you have noticed any symptoms of poor blood circulation. A healthy circulatory system will keep you away from hazardous health issues like blood pressure problems, cardiovascular health problems, etc. Therefore, stop if you already know that you’ve been leading a very unhealthy lifestyle. Reflect on your everyday habits and opt for a positive change. For only, you can start a healthy change and no one else can. Have you been following a healthy lifestyle already? We congratulate you from the bottom of our heart for that. Stay healthy, stay happy readers!

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