5 Effective Yoga Poses For Women Over 60

The benefits of yoga have been lauded for centuries now. Everybody is slowly falling in love with the life-long positive impacts that yoga inculcates in one’s life. Recently a day has been dedicated as the International Yoga Day as well to celebrate the very knowing of an ancient health practice as this. While the younger ones are being taught yoga in their schools and the growing younger generation has been practicing yoga and meditation to feel more in control of their growing and evolving emotions, the yoga scene is gaining popularity in another gender sector of generation—the older adults who are aged 60 plus. This is especially so in the case of women.

It isn’t a hidden fact that women undergo many bodily changes right from their birth. The body needs its conditioning which is essential for his healthy growth and maintenance as the woman’s body ages. And there’s no better way to provide just that than the practice of yoga. Women who are aged above 60 years have recently caught up with the love and essence of yoga. As you age you seek many holistic approaches to find that inner peace within you. And yoga definitely helps the older generation achieve that. Many might wonder how can yoga benefit the aged when their body is losing on flexibility and is the bones too are their brittle best. What one doesn’t acknowledge that yoga is an art that modifies itself for all age groups including the aged. There is plenty of gentle yoga poses that women who are aged 60 or older can happily indulge in. If you still aren’t convinced regarding the same, here’s a low-down on some of the benefits that practicing yoga after you have turned 60 provides you with. Read on.

Why Should Yoga Be Practiced When You Are 60 Or Older

Many doctors claim that yoga is just too incredible for the older population as it helps them stay active, helps them maintain their body balance, helps keep their joints flexible, helps maintain the health of the bones, keeps the muscles strong, and most importantly it also helps them cope with the mental stress that they encounter during old age. After all, yoga is always praised for improving one’s strength in terms of focus, emotional wellbeing, and concentration. Many face problems during the initial stages of their retirement life as they cannot cope with the sudden slow-paced lifestyle. Their minds ponder. In such cases, yoga makes one hell of a positive impact on their lives and helps them cope with all the changes. Here are a few benefits:

  • Helps Move And Move With Zero Amount Of Strain

Just your morning walks isn’t sufficient when you’re on your road to aging healthy. An inclusion of strength training will help ensure that the mobility of your body remains tactile. Many doctors claim that the easiest way to age in a healthy manner is to adopt practicing yoga. It strengthens your body in the most natural way.

  • You Enjoy Better Flexibility

Everybody knows that one tends to become stiffer and less flexible when they age. But, with the help of yoga, one can stretch a little more, improve their movements, and even keeps the spine strong.

  • You Will Be Able To Deal With Menopause Better

Insomnia, stress, dry skin, weight gain, osteoporosis, irritability—there are only a few among the million issues that women face when they enter the menopause stage. With the help of yoga, you can definitely lessen the number of such issues. Yoga will help you stay calm and composed. Doing the child’s pose every day helps the most to battle menopause problems in women.

  • Your Mind Will Stay Sharp

Yoga helps to improve memory greatly and will keep all the cognitive issues that are age-related at bay. Practicing mild poses like the “legs up the wall”, downward facing dog” helps to improve the blood circulation to the brain and will also keep your mind sharp.

Let’s take a look at five such effective yoga poses that as women who are aged 60 or above need to follow to keep themselves healthy and sane.

Five Easy And Effective Yoga Poses For Women Above 60

  1. The Mountain Pose


The yogic name of this asana is Tadasana and this asana is considered to be one of the simplest ones to do as you age. It does an excellent job of correcting the posture of the body as well. You can never go wrong with your body balance while doing this asana. This is great as seniors begin to slouch as they grow old. Also, this asana makes your feet stronger and healthy.

How to do: Stand barefoot on the ground with your feet joined together. Ensure that your weight is even on both your legs from the front and the back. Press the back of your knees a little forward by engaging the hamstring muscles and your quads equally. Hug the upper thighs and press them apart; this activates the abductors around your inner and outer thigh. Inhale deeply so that your rib cage is lifted away from your pelvis region. You can then exhale and ca hug in your waist sides which will create lower stability. Stay here for 10 breaths and release.

  1. The Downward Facing Dog Pose

The yogic name of this asana is Adho Mukha Svanasana and it’s considered as one of the best yoga asanas to practice among all age groups. This pose certainly keeps the doctor away from us. It comes with innumerable benefits—helps combat the menopause stress, prevents any chances of osteoporosis, strengthens the muscles, elongates the spine, peps memory power, strengthens bones, improves the blood circulation in the body, etc.

How to do: Start off on your knees and hands. You need to tuck your toes under and you will have to lift your hips up until your body is forming a triangular pose. You can use the core strength of your body and try to push your weight back as far as you can. You stay in this pose for five or maybe even eight breaths and release. Repeat it twice and you’re done.

  1. The Child’s Pose


The yogic name of this asana is Balasana and it helps you relax just like a child would do. This is one of the first poses that even doctors ask their patients to follow to induce a wave of relaxation and calmness in the body. It helps in improving your digestive system and also helps in easing the menopause problems. It also eases fatigue and improves circulation in the body.

How to do: Sit on your knees in a manner that your buttocks are touching the heels. With palm facing down, place your hands on your thighs. Exhale and bring your chest towards your knees and extend your hands in the same position forward touching the ground. Breathing gently, hold onto this pose for 2-3 minutes, and return to the starting position. You can repeat this 5-10 times.

  1. Cobbler’s Pose

The yogic name of this asana is Baddha Konasana and it quite literally takes care of your hands, legs, joints, and even back in an utmost manner. This asana targets those areas of the body that are more prone to aches and pains. Performing this asana helps open up the groins and hips. It eases the fatigue and stress that the body faces during aging.

How to do: To do this asana sit straight. Slowly bring the soles of your feet together by opening your knees out on both your sides. You can also fold a little forward for a much deeper stretch. Hold this pose for five or even eight breaths and release.

  1. The Corpse Pose


The yogic name of this asana is Shavasana and this makes for that one final asana that is ideal to wind up your yoga session for the day. It isn’t just a relaxation pose, it also helps you become aware of your body and its breathing pattern. It minimizes the body tension, relaxes the mind, awakens the creativity inside you. It completely rests your nervous system.

How to do: You just need to lie down on the floor and allow it to support your body. You just have to relax and breathe. Take deep breaths and enjoy this restorative break.

You see, when your body and mind are calm, your body functions well. This will help you feel better in the last leg of your life. Practicing yoga will pump your body with energy levels like never before. Practice yoga even in your old age to stay healthy and fit.

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