Are Gummy Vitamins A Smart Choice?

Have this bright packaging and products are almost similar to sweet treats. These days you might find gummy vitamins taking control of the vitamin shells of a grocery store or a drug store nearest to you. They might look like candy and also taste like candy and of course they’re available in very attractive fruity flavors and colors.

As a multivitamin consumer , people are always Tune between consuming gummies or avoiding gummies. Of course, gummy vitamins are better than swallowing those multivitamin pills and we might also look forward to eating them on a daily basis. Definitely meet you feel a little bit guilty, especially about the sugar content that you are putting to your body. Let us actually understand if these gummy vitamins are good for health or not.

Do we really need a multivitamin?

This is the decision that we don’t really have to make, we can actually skip consuming multivitamins – however, this will depend on your dietary intake. According to the dietary guidelines of 2015 to 2020 that was published for Americans, we must get most of our nutritional needs from the food that we consume and not through multivitamins. If you follow a diet that is natural and includes whole foods and adheres to the recommendations given by CDC, Centers for disease control and prevention, consuming multivitamins is not really necessary. The diet guidelines include the below mentioned points:

  • Do not eat a lot of food above your daily calorie needs. This will result in unwanted weight gain.
  • Eating a combination of vegetables, whole grains, milk products, and fruits that are low in fat or fat free is ideal.
  • Consuming lean proteins by including meat, eggs, poultry, seeds, nuts, and soy is essential
  • Search for foods that are low in trans fats, sodium, sugars, and saturated fats.

For those who are not following a balanced diet or a pregnant or need any prenatal nutrition or India challenges when it comes to absorbing nutrients or in general have higher nutrient needs when compared to an average adult, then you might want to pick an appropriate multivitamin after consulting your health care professional.

For those who want to include vitamins as a supplement to your already nutritional diet, gummy vitamins offer both cons as well as pros. You need to weigh both sides and decide what is best for your health.

Advantages of gummy vitamins

It is easier to consume

As mentioned earlier, eating gummy vitamins is much better than swallowing those vitamin capsules. And with an increasing population experiencing troubles with consumption, there is a high demand for easy to chew vitamins that comes from not just a younger generation but an overall average generation. And gummy vitamins address this problem.

Offers better circulation inside the body

Gummy vitamins release themselves faster into her blood when compared to tablets. A particular study compares how Apple versus a gummy enters our circulatory system and the result of the study shows that Garmi concentrated significantly better in the bloodstream when compared to tablets. And it also lasted in the bloodstream for a longer period of time.

It tastes better

The sugar-based coating on the gummy vitamins appeals to a larger consumer base and is a very good marketing strategy as well when compared to tablets that do not taste divine. Also these gummy vitamins come in flavor choices and this characteristic is very useful if supplements need to be given to children who do not really like consuming and appealing, harsh pills.

Who doesn’t like vitamins that taste pleasant and also benefit your health, right?

You can eat them anywhere and everywhere

Usually with multivitamin pills, you need to look out for water. But with gummy vitamins you can just pop them in your mouth and chew them away. They are much easier to take on any given point of time in a day. And with its attractive taste, a body feels naturally attracted and develops its own routine around it.

What are the disadvantages of gummy vitamins?

They might damage our teeth

Gummy‘s will definitely not prove helpful when you go for your six-month dental checkups. Adding to a study published by good health, gummy vitamins can cause some serious cavity issues. One company of standard size can contain typically 2 to 8 g of sugar per serving. Isn’t that a lot of sugar? Yes! The AHA, American heart association recommends that not more than a hundred calories or six teaspoons of sugar should be consumed on a daily basis.

Consuming excessive sugar leads to obesity and other health problems such as unnecessary weight gain, fatty liver issues, type two diabetes, and higher blood pressure levels.

It is challenging to stop chewing on more than one

Most of the gummy vitamins come with the recommended dosage of either one company or to gummy post meals a day. However, owing to its sugary taste, we might consume the gummy vitamins. Also, it is impossible to know the amount of vitamins that a single gummy contains. Manufacturers might overload the gummies with more than required vitamins and this will result in improper dosage for us when we consume it on a daily basis.

Gummy vitamins and mostly non-certified

Harvard health says that gummy vitamins are not properly certified by any testing agency. Therefore when you shop for such vitamins, you might get fooled by the appearance of the bottle and the product might not have a certified dosage and ingredient information. This poses a risk to your body‘s safety as well.

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