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A generally accepted principle all around the world since time immemorial is that ‘the bigger the better’. A bigger body always gains you the respect of men. Bigger body parts get people marveling at you. There is something unique about being bigger than average. There are some body parts that are never that visible to the public but still play a significant role in how people take you. These hidden gems determine how the person closest to you will relate to you.

Your penis has the ability to make a statement of how much you are a man. It will determine whether you will leave your partner in awe, if she will be just okay, or plain disappointed in what she found. Many men struggle with the inadequacy of feeling too small to bring good pleasure to a woman. But you don’t have to give up on bringing a woman down to her knees. We have the solution to Penomet.


About Penomet

Penomet is a revolutionary gadget that has been created for the purpose of penis enlargement. It does this with the help of water which is part of the unique design in this pump. Unlike other pumps that use air as the medium for force, Penomet uses water to increase the size of your penis in a unique way. The hydraulic power of water creates a force that comes from all directions uniformly hence giving you amazing results as your penis grows and takes on shape.

The penis pump was developed through years of research and trial using live subjects to give a gadget that would give you the results you desperately need. Thousands of consumers have poured in their input to make the pump what it is today. It uses a unique interchangeable gaiter structure that allows you to increase the pressure delivered to your penis as you gradually grow. Using this device for just 15 minutes allows you the growth of up to 3 inches in length and 30% in thickness.

Parts in the Penomet Penis Pump

Penomet has two main parts that make it what it is. It has a high-grade polycarbonate plastic for the cylinder. This plastic is the strongest kind that is known to be unbreakable. The gaiters are made using medical-grade silicon that has passed all the tests of safety. This makes it safe to use for everyone in need of it.

How Does Penomet work?

The Penomet Penis Pump is a hydro pump that has been designed to use water to grow your penis. It does this by spreading the force equally within the cylinder to cause equal expansion of your penis. This is unlike regular penis enlargers that function by using air. Air does not get equally distributed within the pump resulting in the penis getting bigger in certain areas and remaining the same in others.

The pump works through compression which is then sealed within the cylinder by a non-return valve that is situated at the end of the cylinder. The gaiter then expands using the pressure that has been built up and works this pressure all around your penis. The benefit of Penomet is that it gives you five different gaiters that are different in size to allow you to gradually increase pressure thereby increasing your size safely. This is unlike other pumps that only offer one size of gaiter. This gives you gains 65% faster than standard penis pumps that use one gaiter.

How to Use Penomet

The Penomet hydro pump is easy to use gadget that keeps things simple when you follow these steps of use:

  • Warm-up your body so that the penile tissue and scrotum become easy to work on. It will also distend your ball sack so that it does not get sucked into the pump.
  • Choose a gaiter that is the softest to start with and attach it to the Penomet cylinder. It is recommended that you use the purple cylinder.
  • Insert your member into the Penomet and pump it a few times to create a vacuum seal. Do it gently.
  • Your penile tissue will start to expand meaning you will have to pump the cylinder a few other times within the session.
  • The session should last between 15-20 minutes.
  • Once you are done with your session gently press the valve at the tip of the cylinder and direct it to whichever side you choose.
  • You will be able to use gaiters of greater strength as you get more accustomed to the experience. The gaiters have color codes to match their hardness on the website so you can know which gaiter you can use.

penomet review


Penomet has created a number of easy to follow exercises that will have you using one gaiter strength per week. This schedule takes you through 10 weeks of between 15-30 minutes sessions every day. That is just two and a half months of exercise to get you growing up to 80% of your current penis size. There are five gaiter strengths with purple being the softest and red being the hardest. In between are blue, black, and grey with increasing strength.

This exercise schedule is only an example of what you should follow. You should, however, listen to your body and only take it to a higher gaiter strength when you have become accustomed to the one you’re using.

Is Penomet Safe to Use?

Penomet has been developed over years of research and study to create a penis pump that goes above and beyond normal standards of other pumps. The pump has been developed by actual users of penis pumps who believe in the product they have created. Through this process, they have managed to create a safe and useful pump using the highest quality of materials available in the world.

Their manufacturing process is also celebrated as matching those of the highest standard. Because of this Penomet has been certified by European and world bodies for the standard of work it maintains.

Penomet sports the CE marking which is a testament that it has certified the tough manufacturing requirements of the European Union laws. This means you can get this product anywhere in the EU if you order for it.

The penis pump also has SGS certifications. The RoHS Class 1 product certification means that the pump has been found to be fit for use in the silicone used by the US, the EU, and the EEA. It has also been certified as being safe in the polycarbonate it has used in the cylinder. The release valve and any accompanying parts are also found to be completely free of forbidden chemicals.

Penomet has also been awarded two awards from Germany in the years 2013 and 2014; that of the best new product and the Jury Award. It has also won the Best Male Enhancement Device award in 2012 and many other awards. This track record is just a testament of how Penomet has done its best to remain the highest rated penis pump in the world.

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Benefits of Penomet Penis Pump

The penis pump uses advanced hydro pump technology that evenly distributes pressure all around the penis. This pressure gives the penis even growth so that it is not deformed as it grows. This pump can be used anywhere whether you are in the shower or in the bedroom. It can still be used as a standard air pump wherever you feel comfortable to use it.

The pump is made using the best plastic there is in the world. This makes it unbreakable. The gaiters are also made using medical grade silicon making them a safe product. The pump is able to boost your confidence as a man as you know you can be able to achieve your bedroom goals.

The pump is also said to reduce and even prevent impotence when you use it regularly. It has been also reported to decrease the number of times you ejaculate prematurely to a point of stopping it completely.

This particular penis pump is also said to be able to reverse the dire effects of Peyronie’s Disease. This disease is known to cause the penis to curve upward because of scar tissue which has the potential of making intercourse a very painful process. The pump also has the benefit of increasing your sexual stamina when it is used regularly.

Purchase & Price

Penomet has three price packages available in the market. They are all available on the official website. The first package known as the Penomet Standard comes with a version 3.0 Penomet pump and one force 70 Gaiter. It goes for a discounted price of $89 from $109. The second package is known as the Penomet Extra and has a version 3.0 Penomet Pump with three Gaiters of Force 65, 70, and 75. This package comes at a discounted price of $137 from $188.

The third and largest package is known as the Penomet Premium and comes with a Version 4.0 Penomet Pump. It also comes with five Gaiters of Force 60, 65, 70, 75, and extreme force 80. This package also comes with a shower strap. It is priced at $197 down from $339. All these packages come with a digital exercise handbook, a printed guide, a 60-day money back guarantee, and a 3-year warranty.

Money Back Guarantee and Refund Policy

Penomet gives clients a lifetime replacement warranty for the gadget should it ever fail. This is because they believe in the product as they have developed it over the years to perfect the design using high-quality materials. They also have a refund policy which is s 60-day money back guarantee should the product not work for you the way it was supposed to. This is the only penis pump to offer this level of guarantee on its product.



How often should I use the pump in a day?
You can use the penis pump once a day for 15-30 minutes.

How fast should I expect results?
You can expect results as fast as the first 15 minutes of use. The more you exercise the longer-lasting the effects will be.

Is there an age limit to the use of this product?
You should be at least 18 years to buy and use this product.


  • A safe product accepted in the US, the EU, and the world over.
  • Increase your penis size by up to 80% of the original size.
  • Uses a hydro pump for equal distribution of pressure and growth.
  • It helps prevent premature ejaculation.
  • Increases strength and vitality in bed.


The product is safe for use and does not have any cons to report.

Penomet Before and After Pictures

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Penomet Results

Customer Testimonials

“I have learned so much as I have grown every day. It is true that you can grow in 15 minutes of every time you use the pump. It has become a friend that is always by my side every day. I have grown in confidence as a man and cannot wait to get to the bedroom with my wife every day.” Kenny Mizzleland.

“There is a power you get when your manhood is powerful. I have known to tap into this power through exercising every day and I can say my confidence has risen greatly as my little man has grown. My wife cannot have enough of me. She is submitted to me and just tugging herself with me wherever I go. I couldn’t have asked for anything better.” Mickey Mcfellow

“I used to enjoy great sex with my wife for the longest time. At least that’s what I thought. Until she confessed years on that she could barely feel me in her. It took a lot out of me and for a long time, I was depressed. But I decided to take the bull by the horns and do something about it. I tried a few pumps that did nothing for me. I had nearly given up but when I saw Penomet and what they have accomplished I thought I could make something out of it. And I’m sure glad I did. It made me change the way my wife looks at me. Now she can’t help but want me. And I’m glad this pump gave me that power.” Steven Curtis.


The Penomet Penis Pump works to take away the shame you have had of a small member. If you are ashamed to show yourself to your woman because you don’t think you are man enough then this is the gadget you need to buy. It is safe and fast as well as efficient in the work it does. You can never put your penis in better hands than this. Try it out with the benefit of a money back guarantee if it doesn’t work for you.

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