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Life has changed so much from what it used to be. The foods we eat have morphed while the lifestyle has grown more stressful. The fact that we have become sedentary has not helped matters either. These changes have brought about drastic alterations to the body’s health. People now suffer from more conditions than they did 50 years back. Stress levels are on a constant high as people combat with significant challenges using a weakened system.

Acid reflux disease is one such condition that has gotten its fair share of people suffering. Worth noting is that 20 percent of the US population suffers from this condition. Also known as Gastroesophageal Disease (GERD), acid reflux expresses itself through symptoms such as heartburn, regurgitation, bloody or black stool, a bloated stomach, burping, constant hiccups, unexplained weight loss, nausea, dry cough, and others.

Hiatal hernia is one of the leading causes of this condition. This condition occurs when the upper stomach and the valve that should stop it move up the chest cavity. This action lets acid move into the esophagus and cause burns. Other causes include eating right before sleeping, laying in a prone position before food has completed digestion, obesity, certain foods and drinks that trigger high acid production, pregnancy, and certain drug types.

Many of these causes prevent you from living a comfortable life as you try to avoid them to control the condition. You eliminate numerous foods and drinks, watch the times you eat, work out religiously, try to look for drug alternatives that won’t trigger the reflux, and get on a lifetime dependency on antacids and acid inhibiting medication. But what if you could stop these complications that assail your life on such a front? ProbioLite gives you this option to live a healthy and enjoyable life. Here, you discover all this supplement can provide you.


What is ProbioLite?

ProbioLite is a combination of nutrients and ingredients put together to restore your gut’s good health. Your stomach comprises both good and bad bacteria. And just like in common modern-day folklore, good is supposed to carry the day. Sometimes, though, harmful bacteria can overrun the good and create chaos in your gut.

When this happens, you find yourself suffering from severe heartburn, being unable to eat various foods or at whatever time you choose, and having sores and burns to develop in your gut and esophagus. Such terrible health can take away the joy of living, but more importantly, it can give rise to esophageal cancer or throat cancer. All these conditions can emanate from the constant heartburn that has served as an irritation for so long.

This supplement comes into your gut to restore the balance and get good bacteria, winning the day for you. It helps you enjoy a more vibrant life by allowing you to eat and drink previously forbidden meals.

What Does It Contain?

ProbioLite has a selection of nutrients necessary to restore proper gut health. It possesses probiotics and friendly microbes that get reintroduced into the gut to restore the appropriate balance in it. Each pill serves to restore balance with every day that you use it.

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ProbioLite’s Restorative Power

Probio-Lite gets into your gut and starts the work of quenching the fire that acid has raised. The reintroduction of good bacteria starts to tip the balance making them more abundant than harmful bacteria. The harmful bacteria cause havoc by pushing the body to produce more acid than necessary, making it intolerant to certain foods, causing bloating, nausea, and many other complications. Good bacteria come in to check the damage that got caused. It brings healing by first taking care of the excessive acid within.

Once it has inhibited the excess acid production, it then sets to repair the stomach lining and esophagus, which was damaged. Nutrients flood the stomach to ease the pain and discomfort. The food you take gets more readily absorbed as the stomach finds itself capable of carrying out its tasks.

Using ProbioLite

The supplement comes in a bottle packing 30 capsules. It should take you through a month. It comes to complement the lifestyle you have as it does not do all the restoration work by itself. The manufacturer encourages you to take a balanced diet, keeping away from trigger foods that give you heartburn and other complications. It would be best if you stayed away from carbonated drinks and any other beverages that raise your stomach’s acid levels.

Water becomes your go-to beverage. It will help if you stay hydrated as often as possible. It would be best to take many small meals rather than a few large meals to prevent the buildup and release of large amounts of acid. Taking care of your diet gets the supplement to work faster to restore your stomach’s health.


This supplement has a once a day dosage. The manufacturer advises you to take it early in the morning with some water before you start your day. Remain cautious not to overdose on it as doing so will not hasten your results, but it might give you harmful side effects.

Safety Protocol

This product gets processed within the US from natural ingredients grown in a safe environment free of toxic chemicals. The facilities used to process this supplement have FDA approval and GMP certification, giving you the surety they have passed all relevant health-related tests. No side effects have been reported during the use of this product, and it has been found fit for human consumption.

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ProbioLite Benefits

  • The supplement restores proper gut bacteria balance by encouraging the production and introduction of good bacteria. Your stomach’s health improves significantly as your digestion gets better.
  • This product works to eliminate the excess acid in your stomach that causes your acid reflux. Heartburn, nausea, vomiting, and other discomforts will be a thing of the past as calm gets restored in your gut.
  • You can finally enjoy the finer things in life as this supplement enables you to eat whatever you want without fear of hurting your body with discomforting side effects. You will be free of the worry that you will aggravate your system.
  • Your overall health improves as your energy levels soar to the roof, as you experience excellent output with greater strength and more clarity of thought. Gut health affects your physical strength and mental ability. This supplement helps you get your performance back to speed.

Cost & Order Process

Three pricing packages are available to you. You have the basic, standard, and best-seller packs. The basic package has one pill bottle with 30 capsules that should take you through a month. This bottle costs $49.95. You will pay shipping charges for this package alone. Shipping costs $19.95, bringing your total to $69.90. Next, you have the standard pack with three bottles that will last you three months. This package brings the price per bottle down to $44.95, with the total coming to $134.85.

Finally, you have the six-bottle pack that will take you through six months. The price per bottle on this package comes down significantly to just $39.95, with your total coming to $239.70.

Shipping for these two packs comes free of charge. It takes 7-10 working days to receive your orders within the United States and 14-28 days outside the US. Delivery might take a shorter time within the US than the quoted one while it might take a longer time to ship outside the US depending on where you live.

Probio Lite Price


The manufacturer offers you a 365-day money-back guarantee that you can use at any time. You can use the product, and if you feel it has not delivered what it says it will, you reach out to the company that will instruct you on how to return the unused bottles. If you have used every bottle, you bought you can still send back the empty bottles and get a full refund minus shipping charges. This company has such surety in its product working for you that it lets you use it through a whole year.


How often should I take this supplement?

You should take just one pill a day. The manufacturer recommends you take it for at least 90 days.

Can I get the same prices on Amazon?

These prices are only available on the official website. The product is not available anywhere else.

How long do I need to take ProbioLite to experience good benefits?

Different people have different reaction times depending on how far advanced their acid reflux is. Some people will start to experience significant change within a week of using the product, while some will take up to 30 days.

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  • The product does not have auto-shipping.
  • It does not have any hidden charges.
  • The supplement delivers results from a week to a month.
  • You get to enjoy a fuller, healthier life.


  • You need to live a healthy life and take better care of yourself, even with this supplement.

Customer Testimonials

“I had a tough time socializing, as most foods got cut out of my diet. Acid reflux ensured that I had a special diet, which, if not for my wife, I don’t know how I would have managed it. And even with the dedicated diet, I was never quite okay. I had to live life so carefully; it took the joy right out of living. I tried different herbs that were fabled to treat acidity issues to no avail. It was so tiring as every day was a struggle.

Lack of proper rest meant I was always tired and groggy. I ended up struggling through work and nearly lost my job until I explained myself to my boss. Owning up to my boss saved my life as she told me how she had struggled with the same issue for a few years. Her help came through ProbioLite, a supplement like no other. She advised me how I was to maintain my lifestyle and live healthy as I started this product. Three months down the line and I have never been healthier.” Greg Hammond.

“Coping with my husband’s death left me broken. I developed a severe case of acid reflux after I got ulcers. Even after going through the antibiotic kit, I was still not okay as the reflux never went away. It stayed with me as a reminder of the pain I endured while mourning him. The condition made me change my lifestyle completely and never be at peace. Every day became a struggle from the question of what I would eat to the sleeping position I would take.

My son felt the pain I was going through and went on a mission to find a cure for me. He came across ProbioLite that changed my life for good. I now have hope of living a long life, and I know my husband smiles down on me for taking good care of myself.” Linda Console.

“My health went down the drain when my company collapsed. I had invested all I had in time and resources into it and didn’t know where else to turn. Family and friends couldn’t offer the support I needed, and we lost our home in the process. I felt like I was at my wit’s end without anywhere to turn. And with that was the added burden of trying to contain my failing health.

Acid reflux destroyed my gut every day. Being housed by my parents had not been in my plans at any point from the time I left home for college. If it was not for my father in his wisdom, who suggested I start up on ProbioLite, I think I would be six feet under right now. He gave me hope to start again. And now I have a startup gaining ground also. I am so grateful that someone didn’t give up on me. And I’m super thankful that a supplement like this exists.” Angus Anderson.


Acid reflux disease can destroy your life. It can encourage other severe health conditions, cause hospitalization, and even death. It would be best if you did not let the life you live get destroyed by something you can control. While it may not be mainstream conventional medicine, ProbioLite gives you a second chance to live a good life free of the constant worry that GERD has given you. You get to enjoy the finer things of life as you do what you love. Take back control of your health today.

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