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Peak Bio Boost Prebiotic


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It supercharges your gut-friendly bacteria


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Have you been trying to poop regularly? Are you eating fiber-rich food, or supplementing with fiber, using laxatives, drinking warm water, trying biofeedback therapy to check how your pelvic floor is, or trying acupuncture?

Several people do diets like the high fiber diet, do specific exercises, and do yoga asanas to get their large intestines to throw out poop consistently. But all of these remedies don’t really work or work sporadically. And you wake up with the same stretched bloated feeling again. And when you go to the toilet, you are faced with a ‘poop’ blank wall. What happened, you wonder – and you keep wondering for a long time.

Does this sound like your life? If it does, and you have been doing psyllium husk and laxatives for a long time, stop and think of the side effects. While you may be getting partial relief, you are making things worse for yourself in the long run.

If laxatives are your favorite for clearing up your bowels, you are on a slippery wicket. This is because laxative use, especially over a long period, can cause permanent, irreversible harm to your large intestine. The large intestine is the last part of your gut. Laxatives work to reduce constipation because they stimulate your body to produce more poop. This is not normal. Laxatives are not natural either, even though advertisements call them safe and efficacious.

As they only help your body to produce more poop and not enable it to poop naturally regularly, they end up making the muscles in the gut lazy. Not only this, but these affect the nerves in the gut, too, if you take them long enough.

Laxatives also make your body dependent on them. You also have to steadily increase the dose of these products over time as the lower dosage doesn’t work six months down the line. This happens because they inhibit your intestine’s ability to contract naturally.

Peak BioBoost Prebiotic

Most laxatives contain a common soluble fiber called psyllium. Psyllium turns into a gel inside your gut, and this is what helps push poop through your intestines- small and large. The risks of psyllium are hidden from you, the consumer, but they exist. Psyllium can sometimes lead to the swelling of your throat and can lead you to choke if you don’t ingest it with enough water. Choking can cause death too.

The other risk is that psyllium can also lead to an asthma-like allergic reaction.

Thirdly, it may contain toxic chemicals like artificial sweeteners like Aspartame, which has been proven to be a carcinogen. They also contain artificial flavors and artificial colors, fillers, and other chemicals in unknown quantities.

Some brands that claim to cure your constipation and help you poop normally have been documented to contain the sugar- like Maltodextrin, which spikes blood sugar levels, kills off healthy gut biome and even causes weight gain.

These brands also carry citric acid that can make your digestive problems worse and artificial orange flavor that can cause fatigue, chest pain, dizziness, nausea, and more.

Food dyes like Yellow6 can cause irritability and loss of sleep, and Aspartame can cause seizures, dizziness, birth defects due to the presence of the carcinogen, Benzidine.

So, here’s what we prescribe- a supplement that can help normalize your bowel movements, reduce gas and the bloat, make you feel lighter and more energetic, and get the pounds of stuck poop that is weighing you down, out.

This poop supplement is called Peak BioBoost Prebiotic, and it treats the root cause of constipation permanently. Know more about this awesome constipation-cure right here-

About Peak BioBoost Prebiotic

Peak Big Boost Prebiotic is a safe and potent, plant-based solution for constipation. It works like Drano on the clogged pipes in your home. It comes packed with an unusual and natural ingredient that helps the good bacteria in your gut kill the bad bacteria living there and speed up your poop train to make pooping daily easy and effortless again.

To be precise, the Peak BioBoost Prebiotic is a splendid formula that contains a jungle fiber, which cures constipation miraculously and lets you enjoy perfect poops naturally and regularly.

How Does Peak BioBoost Prebiotic Work?

This constipation cure makes regular pooping solutions like laxatives, enemas, psyllium fiber, and high–fiber diets completely obsolete.

You need to spend a moment to understand how poop happens in your gut. Your large intestine, which is the last part of your gut, is a poop machine or train. It creates powerful, muscular contractions that help push the poop out.

The faster this poop train works, the lesser your chances of becoming constipated.

How does this poop train work? Water and its absorption by the large intestine has a big role to play in this process. Most of the water in the remains or stools are absorbed in the large intestine. So, water is absorbed by your body as the poop moves through your large intestine. If your poop moves down too fast, more water remains in the stools leading to loose stools. If the stools’ movement is too slow, too much water is absorbed, and you have what’s called ‘pellet poop’.

Which factors cause the movement of poop down the large intestine to become unbalanced?

These are:-

Stress hormones– What stress does is that it tightens your intestine nerves because of the secretion of epinephrine. This is your body’s fight or flight hormone, which works by diverting the blood from your gut to your heart and muscles.

Once the blood is diverted, your digestion becomes sluggish, and so does the poop train, and you get constipated.

Lack of fiber is the next reason for your poop train to be stopped. This happens because the fiber helps bulk up the stools and this makes them push through easily.

Fiber helps you by soaking up the extra water in the stools if you are pooping too much and making it more solid.

Toxic gut bacteria cause constipation too. They are dependent on your eating and sleeping patterns and behavior. Plus, the way you were birthed. Children born through C-sections have less good bacteria in the gut, studies show.

Coming to the Peak BioBoost formula, we do know that this formula works by unleashing the power of prebiotics. Prebiotics are different from probiotics. They are able partners to probiotics, and they help by reducing abdominal gas, bloat, and constipation by strengthening the action of probiotics.

Prebiotics boost the healthy gut bacteria you already have living in your gut. They also provide fiber, which bulks up your poop, so it moves easily down the large intestine.

Prebiotics also inhibit stress, so the nerves are at rest. Once your nerves stay calm, the speed of your poop train improves so less water is absorbed from the stool, and your constipation improves.

Prebiotics are found in quite a few food items like raw onions. You may be avoiding most of these veggies as they smell and taste horrible. And this is why supplementing Peak BioBoost Prebiotic works to normalize the functioning of your poop train.


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This poop formula contains a mysterious plant with a high fiber called the ‘jungle fiber’. It creates perfect poops regularly.

Jungle fiber is a prebiotic fiber used by the Tanzanian Hadza tribe for centuries. This tribe has one of the healthiest guts on earth. They boast 40% more diverse gut bacteria as compared to you, for example.

This is because they consume jungle fiber every day.

Apart from the jungle fiber, Peak BioBoost Prebiotic also contains:

  1. Acacia Gum- This gum is obtained from the Acacia plant and it promotes a healthy gut biome.
  2. Fructo Oligosaccharides– These protect your gut from the ravages of the bad bacteria. They speed up your poop train and promote healthy cholesterol levels too.
  3. Inulin- This substance can swell up in your gut. This is why it helps push your poop through your gut easily.
  4. Magnesium– This mineral has the property to soften hard ‘pellety’ poop because it speeds the stool movement through your large intestine. It is also able to relax the muscles of your intestine.
  5. Xylo Oligosaccharides– Another kind of prebiotics, these have a success rate of 93% in relieving constipation. This compound works by increasing the quantity of bifidobacteria, a gut-friendly bacteria.

This compound also bulks up your stools and boosts its speed out. And lastly, it is very effective in people over 60 years of age.

How To Use Peak BioBoost Prebiotic?

The prebiotic supplement can be taken with your breakfast. All you have to do is put one scoop of Peak BioBoost Prebiotic in your cup of tea or coffee, soup or smoothie and drink up. You can have it with pasta sauce, your dough, or baked goods too.

Is Peak BioBoost Prebiotic Safe?

This is a natural formula that helps in the three functions that make you a perfect pooper – It makes you have enough fiber and water, it helps the good bacteria in your gut kill off the bad ones, and it speeds up your poop train.

The supplement does all this and more without any side effects. It’s also Paleo, vegan, and Keto-friendly; Psyllium, Gluten, and Soy-free and non-GMO. It is made in the US and has no chemical additives, colors, sweeteners, or flavoring.

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Benefits Of Peak BioBoost Prebiotic

  • It makes your poop train go faster to give you perfect poops daily.
  • It is completely safe and has no chemicals.
  • It stops bloating in its tracks. It stops the bloated balloon from forming that makes you look ungainly and fat.
  • It is a super fast-acting.
  • It helps kill all the bad bacteria in your gut.
  • It helps you get rid of bad- smelling gas bombs.
  • You don’t need bags of tissue to wipe your bum after a poop.
  • It empties your bowel completely. There are 5- 20 pounds of poop stuck inside your gut and all of this is thrown out. All the blocked poop comes out like toothpaste coming out the tube getting rid of the belly bulge.
  • You lose weight on this supplement.
  • It helps the good gut bacteria like Lactobacilli and Bifidobacteria to multiply and flourish. This improves your digestion. The supplement boosts Lactobacilli by 344% and bifidobacteria by 366%.
  • Your heart health, energy levels and mood improve. You have fewer allergies, as your immune system is supported.
  • It reduces food cravings, so you lose weight easily.
  • It helps you have healthy cholesterol and blood sugar levels.
  • It lowers blood pressure, reduces joint pains and improves cognition.

Purchase And Price

  • A six-month supply of Peak BioBoost Prebiotic is up for grabs at just $29.95/ jar. Shipping is free.
  • A three-month supply is available at $34.95/jar.
  • And a one-month supply at $49.95/jar.

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What Is Peak BioBoost Prebiotic?

This is a stool supplement that makes you poop regularly. It contains a mysterious jungle fiber to help you defeat constipation by speeding your poop train.

Who Can Use Peak BioBoost Prebiotic?

Anyone can use this constipation-busting formula. If you feel bloated, low energy, moody, and not hungry-this is a sign that bad bacteria have taken over your intestine. You can use this formula to get more good bacteria to keep your digestion working fine.

Where Can I Buy This Supplement?

This formula is available for purchase only on the product website.

How Soon Can I See Results With Peak BioBoost Prebiotic?

Two days is all you take to start pooping perfectly on Peak BioBoost.

Peak BioBoost: Customer Testimonial

Nancy- This poop supplement does what it says! It helped me get rid of my lifelong constipation in just two days flat. It is also very easy to use as I can just dissolve it in my morning cup of tea. It has no taste and dissolves quickly.

The Verdict

The Peak BioBoost Prebiotic is a valuable ‘constipation’ cure. Take this prebiotic with any probiotic you may be taking as they both support and complement each other perfectly to give you perfect poops.

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