Trying To Fix Your Love Life With Medicine? Here’s What You Need To Know

Medicine is another term for finding a fix to all the problems, isn’t it? In life, we are constantly in need of finding a solution for anything that bothers us. We want to always fight for being able to be the best version of ourselves. And this truth holds especially like an etching on a stone in the world of love. People always regard love as one of the most beautiful experiences in the world. Everybody also talks about how falling in love is one thing and remaining in love is another thing. And as much as emotional connection plays an important role in the area of love, the physical connection too plays a vital role. The intimacy between two people who are in love sparks the relationship to another level of attachment. Without intimacy, the relationship will for sure begin to have loopholes in it.

Erectile Dysfunction

Now, imagine that you have found an amazing partner for yourself. Everything is so perfect—the both of you make a perfect couple, you both are living your dreams to the fullest, there are caring folks as well around you. But deep down you know that you aren’t all perfect. This is because you haven’t been able to satisfy your lady love every single time you tried to make love. Yet, she hasn’t complained because she loves you behind the needs of intimacy or sexual desire. This, however, makes you feel even guiltier, isn’t it? Healthy sex life will have the confidence increased by ten folds between your partner and you. It will also eliminate stress the two of you face must have faced throughout the day. And if you have been failing to enjoy that and give the same to your partner—you might be getting doomed in frustration as well as draining your partner’s energy on an already tiring day. This will definitely not make you feel like you’re good enough to be a partner for the love of your life, isn’t it? Now, this condition is called as erectile dysfunction, it is the inability of the penis to stay erect for longer durations. Now, the reason for this problem could be many—you could be aging, your energy levels are low because of a bad lifestyle that you might be accustomed to, or you might be stressed in your life. Whatever the reason might be, there are many fixes for the same, you can opt from a range of help including a range of supplements like the Primal Grow Pro. So, let’s take a look at what are the shots you could take and which ones are worthwhile in helping you battle this problem of yours. Read on.

  1. Levitra, Viagra, And Cialis

Whenever we feel a little under the weather, we find solace in going and popping one of the prescription drugs. Even in this problem of love satisfaction, many go and pop drugs that help boost the blood flow to the penis. And there are three commonly available drugs for this:

  • Tadalafil (Cialis)
  • Vardenafil (Levitra)
  • Sildenafil (Viagra)

But remember, easy fixes always come with some or the other glitches and so does these drugs! Such drugs that promise to boost sexual performance come with various side effects like vision changes, flushing, upset stomach, nasal congestion, and headaches. Also, if you are suffering from an underlying health condition already like diabetes or a heart problem, then, the above-mentioned drugs could have serious or ever-dangerous outcomes.

  1. Penile Injections

There are penile injections that are FDA-approved that will give you a very hard and longer erection to perform better on the bed with your partner and give her the satisfaction she desires. Men who cannot or do not prefer oral treatment, opt for these penile injections. It also has a success rate of 85 percent. Of course, these two come with side effects—some of which include priapism (this is a condition where the penis is erect for more than four hours) and a burning sensation. But, would you dare to take an injection on your penis?

  1. Vacuum Pump

If you cannot or just do not have a liking towards taking drugs for your problems, then this method is apt for you. This method of using a vacuum pump lets you place a cylinder made of plastic over the penis. And then it pumps the air out from the cylinder. This forces the blood to flow to the penis. This also has an elastic ring that slides at the end of your penis and lets your penis stay erect. Penomet device has proved to be effective for more than 75 percent of the men. Obviously, this method too comes with certain side effects which include bruising of the penis, weak ejaculation, and numbness. To avoid this, it is best advised to not keep the elastic ring for more than thirty minutes.

  1. Sex Therapy

As mentioned earlier, the reasons for your bad performance in bed with your partner could be many. You could be facing anxiety issues, you might have fallen into depression, you might be undergoing a lot of stress, or your relationship with your partner might be in a poor state. All these might be stopping you from having a large erection and a happy sex life. In such cases, medications aren’t the answer. Taking a sex therapy session with a therapist or attending certain counseling sessions might be the key. You don’t have to shy away from these problems, curing the same with a professional’s help will help you achieve a good love and sex life.

  1. Oral Supplements

It helps you tackle the problem of the male resurgence in the easiest way. With oral supplements, you are just pushing your body to work better. There are various formulas of supplements to choose from and we think herbal supplements like the Primal Grow Pro and  Male Extra which has several natural ingredients infused in it is a good option to look at. Oral supplement pills have believed to turn out to provide magical benefits to its users. It fights the problem of a small penis and also helps fight the problem of erectile dysfunction. Also, one will begin to notice quicker results in this case. You definitely couldn’t find an easier road to satisfaction in making love than these oral supplements, could you? These oral supplements leave you brimming with confidence because your erections stay longer, the length of your penis increases, it boosts the energy of the body.

  1. Surgical Implants

If you have any kind of a neurological disorder or if you have a spinal cord issue, then drugs or the above-mentioned ways of battling ED will be of more harm than of any help to you. In such scenarios, surgical implants can be considered as solutions to the problem. A malleable prosthesis, implantable pump are some of the options in this category. And yes, these surgical implants also come with certain risks like contracting an infection or even a mechanical breakdown.

Some Natural Ways Include

Natural ways of battling this problem among men will also help improve their overall health as well. And for obvious reasons, these natural ways will not pose the risks one gets because of drug interactions. Let’s have a look at some of the natural ways to make love life better:

  • Quit Smoking: Smoking can definitely be blamed for sexual problems. Let’s not turn blind towards the unpleasant breath and risk of falling prey to cancer because of smoking. The habit of smoking can impair blood circulation to your penis. It can also decrease your sperm count.
  • Acupuncture: This treatment method has been practiced in the land of China for 2500 plus years. This practice of inserting tiny needles at a certain point all over your body activates the nervous system and this boosts the healthy growth of your sex hormones.
  • Get Fit: Most of the health problems one faces are because of an unhealthy body. Therefore, walking on the fit pathway will fine-tune the overall health of the body including your sexual wellness.

In the end, what we would like to say is that emotional, physical, and mental wellbeing is the key to a happy love life. The more you are aware of your bodily functions and desires, the better lover you will become for your partner.