What Happens When You Stop Eating All That Sugar

Sugar cravings cannot be underestimated since it is not only addictive but also very satisfying to your taste buds. These cravings can cause weight gain and many other health problems like diabetes, insulin resistance, cardiovascular diseases, and can affect the brain function as well. When you succumb to your sugary cravings you create room for more such cravings as your taste buds desire more sweet food which leads to an increase in dopamine levels and it can also cause inflammation in the brain.

It is also important to understand that not all sugars are bad. Unrefined sugar is considered a positive ingredient in your diet if taken in the right amount. Studies suggest that sugar from fruits (fructose) can improve the effectiveness of your workout and prevents the muscles from getting tired easily. Other sources like honey, sweetened energy bars, and stevia are considered healthy sources of sugar and provide other essential nutrients as well. This means that cutting back on refined sugar and increasing the intake of unrefined sugar to curb that sugar craving can be beneficial for your body.


Here is what happens within the few hours of cutting back on that sugar. Each body reacts differently depending upon the amount of sugar you use to consume in your routine. You may experience common signs like moodiness, irritability, drop in blood sugar levels, and hunger. This happens because the body craves sugar since it is not habitual to work without it. These signs can be taken care of by consuming some fresh fruits and vegetables with fiber. Once you are able to resist yourself from eating that unhealthy sugar the body starts healing the problems present in your system like balanced hormones, and improved insulin levels, and many more. Below given are some healthy changes that can happen if you cut back on sugar for a long time:

  • Helps you to lose those extra pounds

Sugar contains energy and many calories that contribute to weight gain as these calories are not healthy and the extra energy gets stored in your body as fat. Sugary food can be considered one of the main reasons for obesity as well. It is also seen that people who are fat may gain more weight if the consumption of sugary food is not restricted. By restricting your sugar intake you reduce your cravings thereby making it easier for yourself to maintain that calorie intake. While managing your sugar cravings it is also necessary to look out for those hidden calories. Many diet sodas and other foods contain a significant amount of sugar that can disturb your plan. Cutting down on these extra calories can help you shed those extra pounds easily without much effort.

  • Improves cardiovascular health

Heart health is most likely to be affected when you have a high sugary diet. People who consume unhealthy sugar are more prone to heart problems as compared to a person following a healthy diet. Sugar is also said to deliver empty calories that only cause weight gain and provides no benefit. Many beverages contain a large amount of sugar and consumption of such drinks can spike your blood pressure and they increase the insulin level that increases the risk of heart diseases. It can also cause inflammation in your body due to which there can be problems like hypertension and increased heart rate. Reducing your sugar intake can help you to stabilize your blood pressure that can help with hypertension. It can also stabilize your heart rate by improving your diabetes as; a recent study found that your resting heart rate is associated with problems like diabetes. Hence limiting sugar can be beneficial for your cardiovascular health.

  • Reduces the risk for diabetes

Diabetes is a common problem faced by the majority of people who are unable to manage their sugar intake. Many foods that contain a high level of sugar like cakes, cookies, and beverages with artificial sweeteners disturb the insulin levels due to which your body produces more insulin and stores it. This makes the body insulin resistant and that affects the functioning of the liver and pancreas. It also affects the body’s ability to manage blood sugar levels that can cause type 2 diabetes. Due to this your body either stops making enough insulin or your cells stops reacting to the insulin produced by your body. Avoiding sugar for a long time helps your body to start healing itself as it protects you from further complications and also reduces the risk of diabetes.

  • Improves skin texture

Sugary food can also affect your skin negatively, especially in your teen years when your hormones are disturbed and you are prone to acne and breakouts. Sugar can make things worse for you if you have an acne-prone skin. It not only affects teenagers but people of all ages. Too much sugar can make you look older as your skin starts losing its elasticity and bounce. This happens because sugar can be dehydrating and increases oil production. It can break down the collagen and makes the skin look dry, older, and also affects the dark circles. For some people, it can cause swelling on the face and triggers acne and breakouts as well. Cutting down on sugar helps your skin to prevent all these problems and the skin remains youthful for a longer time.

  • Improves oral health

It is important to maintain your oral health from the very beginning to avoid any problems at an older age. Apart from maintaining oral hygiene, it is also necessary to watch what you eat as extra -food and cold beverages can be harmful to your mouth. The bacteria present in the mouth produce acid when you consume sugary products, this acid acts on your tooth enamel remove the minerals from that protective layer. Saliva can be help prevent the removal of the layer however, overconsumption of such foods can cause cavities and other problems like a dental plaque. Sugar disturbs the pH of your mouth and attracts bad bacteria to your teeth. Reducing your sugar intake helps you to avoid such problems in the long run and also prevents bad breath that can be caused by cavities.

  • Increases energy levels

Sugary foods like chocolates, canned juices, and energy drinks can provide you with a high level of energy as sugar is used as a source for energy. However, when you stop consuming sugar for a long time it brings a positive result for your energy levels. Although sugar is one of the energy-producing sources for the body and when you don’t consume sugar for a long time the body starts using carbs, proteins, and fats as fuel. This change affects the blood sugar level positively and helps in maintaining it as well. Studies suggest that stable blood sugar levels are linked with better energy levels in the long run. Once you resist the temptation for a few weeks you will no longer feel the sudden need to consume extra calories and it will keep you full for a longer time. Removing refined sugar from your diet also removes problems like fatigue and moodiness and boosts energy. Foods with high fiber content and healthy fats like oats, apples, berries, and nuts are a good source of energy and satisfy hunger better.