Diabetes-Friendly Drinks and Cocktails

Diabetes is a disease that takes a lot from us. It may be physically, psychologically, or even in the context of food and drinks. There are many restrictions as to what to eat and what not to eat when having diabetes.

Many times, we have to compromise our most favourite habit because it may increase the risk of getting into a diabetes related problem. The deprivation affects us a lot inside, but we don’t have any option than to follow the written and unwritten rules that are present for the patients of diabetes. It is like a bitter pill that you have to swallow-unwillingly!

To cope with this bitter truth, nowadays, there are plenty of foods available in the market that give us the same taste as our loved food without causing a hike in blood sugar level. The people having diabetes can have these foods and drinks and enjoy them just like typical healthy foods and beverages. There are even lots of drinks and cocktails that the patients with diabetes can indulge in.

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Various Diabetes-Friendly Drinks

Below are some different types of diabetes-friendly drinks that you can enjoy having, even if you have diabetes. You will enjoy having these drinks too just like you would enjoy having the normal ones-

Dry martini

A drink made from gin or vodka, apt for diabetic people who have low calorie and low carbohydrate content. You can use olives, lemons, and small onions for garnishing. You can also add dirty martini for the flavours, and it can also work for maintaining the sugar level of the drink.

If the regular daily strict diet regime bores you, a large fresh drink of Dry Martini is the best option. You can add zero-calorie soda in this drink for maintaining calorie and carbohydrate levels. Finally, garnish it with crushed ice on top.

Skinny margarita

If you are looking for a refreshing drink with low calorie and low carbohydrate content, then this is an excellent drink for you. In this drink, you have to add tequila and little small sugar juice for the taste. You can also add some fresh, simple fruit syrup and lime juice for freshness.

An excellent drink for diabetic people, it can make you feel happy. Finish this drink with ice cubes and crushed ice on the top. You can serve this drink with the protein-rich snacks for maintaining your blood sugar level.


Sherry is a type of wine- much like a sweet dessert wine. When they serve Sherry at the bar, the portion size of Sherry is less compared to red wine. Sherry is a vibrant drink. After one you can feel satisfied, and you don’t want more. Whenever you drink Sherry, you have to pair it with protein-rich snacks for maintaining the calorie content and carbohydrate content. You can pair Sherry with protein-rich desserts like no-bake desserts or fresh fruits like raspberry. If you want to add ice cubes and make your drink chilled, then you can add one.

Light eggnog

This eggnog is an upgrade version of regular eggnog. In the regular eggnog, there are more fats, and calorie content is present. Therefore, we cannot serve this to the diabetic person. Light eggnog is different from regular eggnog. It has low content of calories and carbohydrates. If you are looking for a sweet drink, then you have to drink this.

It contains low sugar but is sweet because of the sugar substitutes. It is excellent for a diabetic person who has a sweet tooth. You can enjoy this with chocolate pistachio and then switch with herbal tea. It will help maintain your blood sugar level.

Various Diabetes-Friendly Cocktails

Below are some different types of diabetes-friendly cocktails that you can enjoy having even if you have diabetes. You will enjoy having these cocktails too just like you would enjoy having the normal ones-

Coco-watermelon Freshtini

Coco Watermelon Freshtini

This drink is an upgrade form of martini which has more carbohydrate content, therefore lowering the carbohydrate content for the diabetic person. We can use fresh citrus fruits in the drink for lower sugar content, a refreshing cocktail with low calories, because of the freshness it is known as Freshtini.

Rather than adding juices or fruit syrups, you can add fresh watermelon chunks in it. You have to add lemon for maintaining sugar content and acidity. You can also add coconut water for the fantastic taste and it is perfect for health. You can finish the drink by adding ice cubes and garnish with a watermelon wedge.

Frozen cucumber mezcalrita

This cocktail is one of the refreshing drinks for the diabetic person. Sometimes it can be frustrating to follow a diet. If you have refreshing cocktails, then it will be easy to stick to your diet. In this cocktail, you have to add fresh cucumber, and for the zing, you have to add a little bit of lemon juice.

Lemon juice can help maintain the sugar level in a cocktail. Another featured ingredient in this cocktail is mezcal. Mezcal adds a smoky flavour to the drink. You also have to add a sugar substitute in the beverage.

Saintly sangria substitute

You can characterize this drink as a summer drink. Because of the presence of orange it tastes like summer drink. In this drink sugary fresh fruits are not present. You have to add ginger beer for extra fizz in the glass.

Ginger beer contains low-calorie content; therefore, it is excellent for a diabetic person. You can also add red wine like saintly sangria. When you add oranges to the drink, it maintains the sugar level and carbohydrate content. You don’t have to add sugar substitute for this drink. For the garnish, you can use a fresh orange slice.

Ripe raspberry mojito

A fresh drink with low calorie and low carbohydrates such as the Raspberries, it is fruity flavoured. For the balancing of calorie content, you have to add zero-calorie soda water. You can add lime for the extra zing.

In this cocktail, you have to add mint leaves for the extra flavour and freshness. Then you have to finish this cocktail addition with a sugar substitute and white rum for great taste. Then add crushed ice over the top for chilled experience and then finally garnish with raspberry and mint leaves.


Nowadays, even diabetes seems very reasonable and faultless from outside, but only the affected person knows from inside that what he/she is coping with. Therefore, it is better to stop the spread of diabetes beforehand than to regret having it later. The best way to prevent diabetes from harming you is to stick to a proper and balanced diet and keep the disease far away from you. Only an adequately analyzed and balanced diet can help you stay away from the dangerous condition.

Another way to keep away from this disease is to join the diabetes freedom program. Then you can learn all the details about diabetes. The program offers you with required information about how to control or prevent diabetes. It also includes the dietary steps to be adopted by a person. Just keep them in mind and follow to stay healthy and safe.

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