Six Best Weight Loss Apps of 2020


2020- a year where the whole world halts by the pandemic and changes the living of individuals. Social distancing, hygiene, and fitness became demanding points for people.

When people lockdown to their houses, they get a chance to revitalize their lives and get time for themselves. A healthy lifestyle and weight loss became their primary issue. This scenario increases the battle between the apps companies. They put every possible effort to charge up their apps, take the lead, and became the best.

Weight loss apps help people to aim for exercises that enable them to reduce weights. These apps also perform many other functions. From counting your calorie intake to providing a diet chart, tracking your water intake to providing live chat options, and many more.

weight loss apps

Benefits of weight loss apps

  1. Your time, your comfort, your home. You didn’t need to worry about others’ points of view. What you want to do, you can. You only need a little bit of space and determination.
  2. Stay focus. It helps you to stay focus on your daily calories, diet, and water intake. You can also improve day by day from beginners to hard levels.
  3. The choice is yours. Whatever plan you choose, or whatever mode like yoga, Zumba, stretching, aerobics, music, or music. It depends on your choice. You can also switch anytime.
  4. Took charge of lifestyle. You require to share few health parameters about yourself. These apps offer you various types of exercise and diet plans. It gives you time to time reminders and also calculate your time of the workout.
  5. Cheaper than other means. Well, there are numerous paths for a better lifestyle to reduce weight.

For example,

  • Yoga classes
  • Aerobics classes
  • Personal trainer and
  • The heaviest, gym services

But not everybody can afford these all. Plus, the hectic daily routine and traffic, and at present, Covid19 makes things severe. These apps are a lot cheaper, and the availability of a wide variety of free apps makes things easier.

Difference between weight loss apps and fitness apps

On the search engine or play store, one can find a wide array of apps and become confused about choosing. Some zoom in their attention on fitness, some on healthy habits, and some on weight loss. Fitness apps concentrate on muscle strengthening, body resistance, conditioning, and weight management (increase or decrease), whereas weight loss apps center you on proper workouts to reduce weight and body mass index changes. These features are different from one to another. 

Six best weight loss apps

When 2020 calls for stay fit, stay healthy, stay immune, and stay at home, these apps help you transform your life and work with you every day. Let’s see the best bucket of apps that take our attention and work for you too. The list of best weight loss apps of 2020 are:


FITTR is a one-stop solution for people who are seriously devoted to change their body outlook. Squats Fitness Pvt Ltd designs it. It lies both in the fitness and weight loss category. It has many free tools such as a diet tool, calorie counter, training tool, BMR calculator, macro, and body fat calculator. It supports an online community where you can network with people all around the world. Live sessions are available for proper weight loss. It also offers personal coaching, which ranges from yoga to Zumba to martial arts and more. But for that, you have to spend bucks. FITTR, as the name suggests it keep you fit and healthy. You can also track your progress through smart trackers like daily steps, workout volume, body, and weight measurement. One can also participate in community challenges and gain motivation and reward points to redeem with their Fitshop.

2. YOGA for weight loss

If you are looking for a natural way to shed your weight off, you can choose yoga for weight loss app. It is designed by Nexoft Mobile with a standing of 4.9 stars. With this app, you not only transform but also transcend your body. With various weight loss plans from easy to the super flexible mode from day 1 to day 30. It also helps you to improve flexibility, muscle strength, and respiration. You can have a chance to learn many yoga poses, track your progress, and follow a diet plan. 

3. Lose weight app

A leap fitness group designs this app with a 4.8 star rating. They made two weight loss app for men and women separately. Here in this app, you can choose your body focus from full-body, butt, and leg to abs and arm. It calculated your BMI and told you in which category you fall. Engaging muscle exercise to maximize the workout helps you truly change your result in thirty days of time and work on overall fitness. It allows you to start your day from morning warm-up to end it with sleep time exercises. It gives you a water intake reminder, and daily prepare your reports. At the end of the period schedule, you can check the progress you had made.

4. Healthify me

It is also named as a calorie counter, diet plan, dietician, and trainers. With a standing of 4.5 stars, it catches my attention too. This app offers a 7 day free trial with a fitness coach. If you like the trial, you can go for the premium option. It quickly calculates your body mass index and asks you how many days you want to change yourself. It gives you the whole day of diet change, daily steps, water intake, and exercise. This app supports 24×7 from RIA, the world’s first AI coach, and healthcare specialist guidance. It also gives you the option of chats and asks a question.

5. Vedique diet

If you are an ayurvedic type, you can surely go for this app. It is designed by Dr. Shikha Sharma- a well-known nutritionist. This app is developed on ayurvedic science that is Vata, Pita, and Kosha. The selection of a suitable diet is done as with your body requirement. This app helps you achieve your goals through various diet plans, healthy recipes, and supportive videos by the doctor herself. It also provides a body fat analyzer with a nutritional dashboard. You can again go for a paid option.

6. Weight loss coach

This app tracks your progress in graphs. Droid Infinity designs this app. Though the rating is 4.5 stars, it attracts my attention to the list too. The app started by asking you what you are- vegetarian or nonvegetarian. It gives you a tick option to which part of the diet you followed. The feature I like the most is photo comparison. By tracking daily diet and exercise plan, one is sure to lose weight.


Gone are the days when people rely more on fasting, manuals charts, running blahs blahs blahs briskly. The scenario has changed; even the gym failed by pandemic because of social distancing and hygienic issues. You can use surely lose weight if you have the determination and proper weight loss plan. Unleash the comfort from home, manage your schedule, the likes and options, you surely can lose weight. Never give up! All you must say in the end.