How Common Is Erectile Dysfunction?

Being in love is the most beautiful feeling ever, isn’t it? That moment when you feel like your heart is beating for another, there’s a hurricane of emotions that your experience. And this is not just with respect to feelings related to your heart and mind. There’s more to it. Having another person to share … Read more

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To have a better relationship with your girlfriend or wife, don’t you think it is essential to have a better sexual relationship with her? We all know that sex plays a vital role in everybody’s life. But there could be many reasons why men are not able to perform well in bed and fail to … Read more

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Do you agree with us that expressing what you feel is very important to express or convey to your partner mentally, emotionally, or physically? Yes, it is essential to express yourself. There is nothing to be ashamed of. Many males shy away from talking about their sexual problems and keep it to themselves. It is … Read more

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There are millions of creatures that are staying on this planet. The best among billions are humans because they can think about themselves and the people they love. Humans have a wonderful sense of understanding about what things can be good for the future and how this world could be a better place to live. … Read more

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Different facets of man have gotten studied across history. Man’s physical aspect has and continues to receive much attention. The reason for this attention is the physical being interacts the most with the seen world. Man gets to enjoy, feel, touch, see, and smell different aspects of the world through his body. And as is … Read more

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Sexual problems are not uncommon in men. The harsh reality is that more than 50 percent of men remain unhappy with their performance in bed. And, when they are unable to satisfy their partner, they start getting low spirited about everything in life, which eventually spoils the relationship and their overall life in that period. … Read more

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Sex is one of the most beautiful parts of life. Fulfilling sex life can make all the difference between an average relationship and a passionate one, confidence and self-esteem issues, and ordinary life and extra ordinary one. Despite being so crucial for overall happiness, talking about sex is weirdly still taboo in our society. Bragging … Read more

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Life has challenges it throws our way every once so often. These challenges build us and make us stronger most of the time. But at times, they can break us. And what better way to break a man than to break his masculinity. And the most significant source of a man’s masculinity is in his … Read more

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Life never plans to give you misery or would be happy to see you unhappy at any point in time. We humans have everything which we could think of, and we can’t get a better world than this. The best part about humans, which makes them different from other creatures, is that they can make … Read more

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The wheel of life keeps rolling ahead, and as the age increases, we come across lots of responsibilities. Some of them are about the people whom you love and always want to see happy, and others are helping your family financially. When it comes to financial help, then there are plenty of ways in which … Read more