What is Best? BlueChew or Hims

Pills like Bluechew and Hims have revolutionized the sexual healthcare industry in recent years. Most people suffering from sexual problems feel embarrassed to visit the medical stores to purchase erectile dysfunction pills even when they have a prescription. When they wanted to buy it online from unknown sellers, they faced a lot of scams. Due to these reasons, people suffering from ED had a tough time managing their condition.

However, companies like Hims and BlueChew have made it easy for customers to order pills online from the comfort of their homes. They need not worry about visiting a doctor in person as everything can be done through telemedicine, and the pills will be home delivered in discreet packages. In this way, people who have erectile dysfunction can confidently buy such medications to boost their sexual performance.

Hims ED Medication


The company was started in 2017 by Andrew Dudam to provide convenient options for people suffering from ED to get proper medication online. The company offers customers multiple options, including

  • Viagra which is a branded form of sildenafil
  • Generic sildenafil
  • Cialis which is a branded form of tadalafil
  • Generic tadalafil
  • Stendra which is a branded form of avanafil

BlueChew ED Medication

bluechew pill

This company was founded in 2012, and it was the first company to offer chewable ED medication. As many people have trouble swallowing pills, this becomes a more comfortable option. Apart from that, it is also very discreet to chew a pill rather than swallowing one when you are in a public place.

Bluechew offers sildenafil and tadalafil, and you can choose any options according to your requirement. While the effects of sildenafil last for over 4 hours, you can get relief from ED for nearly one full day with tadalafil. The best part about the online subscription is that the pills will be sent to your home in plain packaging, and the courier company will not know about the contents of the package. In this way, your privacy is protected, and you can confidently order ED medication online without any hassles.

Best way to diagnose erectile dysfunction

The problem with diagnosing erectile dysfunction is that most people are hesitant to visit a doctor when it comes to sexual health problems. However, you should not feel uncomfortable about such things as this is very common, and nearly 50% of the people above the age of 60 suffer from such problems. Not only that, but it is also common in middle age due to various health conditions and lifestyle. In this regard, let us check out the diagnosis process in a detailed manner.

  • The first phase of diagnosis begins with a physical examination, and your doctor will ask you several questions related to your sexual activity. Apart from that, your entire medical history will be thoroughly analyzed before going into the next step.
  • In most cases, this will be more than enough for the doctor to diagnose erectile dysfunction problems. However, to get more confirmation, your doctor may suggest some tests.
  • A detailed blood test will help your doctor to check for the testosterone levels and identify other health conditions like diabetes that may be causing erectile dysfunction.
  • Urine tests help the doctor to identify several health conditions, including diabetes. Apart from that, it can also show if there are any signs of infection in the urinary tract that may be affecting your sexual performance.
  • To get detailed information about the blood flows into the penis region, your doctor may suggest an ultrasound test that will be very useful to diagnose such conditions.
  • Apart from that, your doctor may even ask you to consult a psychiatrist if everything appears normal in the above-mentioned tests. This is necessary to check if any psychological issues are causing erectile dysfunction problems.

Risk factors associated with erectile dysfunction

There are several risk factors associated with erectile dysfunction, and you need to be extra careful if you are suffering from any of the below-mentioned health conditions.

  • Obesity is a big contributor to this condition, and you have to cut down on excess weight, as this can affect your overall health in the long run.
  • Excessive use of tobacco can restrict the flow of blood to the veins and arteries. This often causes several chronic health conditions, including ED. If you are addicted to smoking, you are likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction at some point in the future.
  • Certain medical conditions like diabetes increase your chances of getting ED as this affects the insulin resistance in the body and affects blood flow to the penis region.
  • In the same way, having heart conditions often affect your libido in many ways.
  • If you have undergone prostate surgery or had radiation therapy to treat cancer, you may experience ED, which can often be treated with proper medication.
  • Any injuries to the nerves in the penis region can affect your sexual performance and lead to erectile dysfunction. Such damages can be permanent, and you will have to take regular medication to avoid further complications in the future.
  • Certain medications taken to treat conditions like depression can affect sexual stamina and cause erectile dysfunction. You can talk to your doctor and get alternate medication for such health conditions.
  • Psychological conditions like anxiety and stress can also have a negative impact on your libido. However, the ED caused by such conditions will go away once you come to a normal state.
  • Long-term drug abuse and alcohol abuse can lead to permanent erectile dysfunction problems, and you have to consider such risk factors carefully.

How to safely use BlueChew and Hims?

You can easily buy them online by choosing the online consultation. Both of them need a prescription, and the doctor will ask you a few questions to ascertain your health condition. After this, you will get an online prescription, and you can use it to buy ED medication from the websites of these brands. Your doctor will suggest the best option after analyzing your problem in a detailed manner, and you will even get suggestions about the right dosage for using the pills.

While Hims offers nearly 5 options of ED medication for customers, you get only two options with BlueChew. However, BlueChew makes it simple for you to order the medication, and they send the pills in discreet packages. Other than that, BlueChew dissolves quickly when compared to other pills and provides better relief from ED. If you prefer the regular pills, you can go with Hims as they offer even the generic version of sildenafil and tadalafil. On the other hand, Bluechew offers chewable pills that are best suited for people who have difficulty swallowing pills.

In this way, your doctor will suggest the best option suited for your condition after analyzing your overall health condition and the severity of your problem. Make sure to take the pills as per the instructions given by your doctor. Be careful about the dosage and maintain the proper dose after consulting your doctor. Remember that overdose may do more harm than good, and your doctor will gradually increase the dosage if the pills are not showing positive effects in small doses. Depending on the suggestions of your doctor and your convenience, you can choose BlueChew or Hims and get relief from erectile dysfunction problems.